I’m Rach Loveday, I’m a writer who was born and raised in Wagga Wagga and moved to Wollongong to study creative writing and journalism at the University of Wollongong in 2010. I graduated with a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Creative Writing)-Bachelor of Journalism in December 2014.

My writing has been published in Australian, New Zealand and Canadian magazines, as well as by the United Nations. My writing has also been published online on ABC Open and UK-based online technology publication, Tech Reviewer. I have worked as a freelance writer for marketing companies and blogs, and as an Editorial Intern for Take 5 magazine and Tech Reviewer.

I started this website in 2016 with the intention of expanding my writing skills by writing reviews of television shows, as I knew writing reviews would require attention to detail and conducting in-depth analysis. Over the last five years, I have reviewed 28 television shows (mostly Australian), and I have expanded to writing analysis blog posts. I plan to expand this website in the future by regularly writing and posting review and analysis content on all types of media.

Feel free to look around, read and enjoy!