Charmed (Reboot) – Season 3, Episode 17 (The Storm Before the Calm)

The job of a penultimate episode in a season is to provide a springboard to the finale, this episode did its job perfectly.

The episode kicks off with the sisters going into the Tomb of Chaos to see Aladria. They tell Aladria about the Whispering Evil and she gives them three options on how to defeat it – option one is to let her and Mo out and they’ll handle it, option two is killing Jordan as the Whispering Evil won’t last long without a host, and option three is to separate the Whispering Evil from Jordan, but warns that the Power of Three won’t work on the Whispering Evil by itself as it’s adaptable and will anticipate it. This leads to Macy suggesting that they combine her demonic power with the Power of Three.

Mel is determined to help her sisters, but she starts to go into labour. Mel tells Macy and Maggie that she has called Josefina, who is going to use the Brujeria to slow down her labour. Josefina also brings a letter she found from Marisol with her, to corroborate her family’s story that Marisol abandoned them.

Meanwhile at the Command Centre, Harry and the sisters have an infected Swan contained. Maggie manages to trigger a premonition which shows Jordan at a local water treatment plant, intending to spread the infection in the water supply. Harry and Maggie go there, but Jordan knocks Harry out. Maggie and Jordan end up getting into a heavy arm-to-arm combat, with Jordan scratching and infecting Maggie in the process.

While Macy is with Abigael, and Harry and Maggie look for Jordan, Mel reads the letter that Josefina brought with her, which again corroborates her family’s story, however when Josefina spills tea that she made for Mel, they find a secret part of the letter, which reveals Marisol had a premonition that her daughters would become the Charmed Ones and took the Book of Shadows to protect them and the family in Puerto Rico.

Meanwhile, Macy goes with Abigael to Sussex to retrieve the Blade of Clarity from Francesca’s house, as Waverly refuses to do so. Macy manages to open the safe where they find the Blade, however Francesca has put a defence mechanism on it, which Abigael finds out the hard way when she uses it and it shocks her. Francesca tells Macy that she’ll give her the Blade but has to kill Abigael in exchange. When Macy refuses, Francesca uses her powers to send her away to China. Just as Francesca is about to kill Abigael, Waverly shows up and uses her powers to take the Blade away from her. Waverly then threatens to kill her for hiring a demon to go after Lydia. Abigael gets the Blade off Waverly, and she and Macy go back to her apartment. Abigael gives Macy her fire power back and Harry arrives moments later, his orbing on the way out, to get Macy and bring her back to the Command Centre to take on the Whispering Evil.

When Harry, Macy, Mel and Maggie are about to leave to take on the Whispering Evil, Josefina tells Mel that the tea she gave her to slow down her labour also blocks her powers. Josefina gives Mel an antidote to the tea so she can take down the Whispering Evil with her sisters. When they arrive at the water treatment plant, they find Maggie and Jordan battling, and Maggie suffering from the infection’s side effects. They use the Power of Three and Macy’s fire power to separate the Whispering Evil from Jordan. Mel freezes it into an icicle and Maggie uses her baton to shatter it.

Towards the end of the episode, Abigael informs Macy and Mel that she’s leaving to spend time with Waverly and Lydia. She apologises for her behaviour and thanks Mel for everything, telling her that she wants to see pictures of the baby once it arrives. She asks Mel if they can be friends, Mel hugs her and says ‘of course’. Meanwhile, Jordan and Maggie are stargazing in the backyard and just when they are about to kiss, Josefina interrupts them asking to see Maggie about Mel’s progressing labour. At Safe Space, Harry tells Macy that his powers are gone, and she tells him that when they vanquished the Whispering Evil he left no symbol behind like the previous creatures from the Tomb did when they were vanquished. Back at the Manor, Mel comes to the same conclusion as her future self hasn’t arrived to take the baby back.

The sisters go and see Aladria and she confirms that the Whispering Evil is still out there, which is shown when it defrosts at the treatment plant and goes down the drain into the water supply.

Overall I felt that this was a solid penultimate episode. We are given a springboard in the finale with the sisters believing they vanquished the Whispering Evil only to discover they hadn’t, which didn’t surprise me, as I felt it was way too easy for them to vanquish such a threat on their first try. I also appreciated that Abigael’s story arc came to an end by making up with Waverly, and confronting her mother. I also enjoyed the reappearance of Josefina, and her and Mel finding closure to the conflict between Marisol and Josefina’s family.

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the season finale.