Charmed (Reboot) – Season 3, Episode 16 (What to Expect When You’re Expecting the Apocalypse)

This episode was all about taking on the Whispering Evil and Abigael finally making peace with her sister.

The episode kicks off with a woman getting into her car and finding Abigael in her back seat, the woman is revealed to be Abigael’s sister, Waverly.

We then cut to Mel having difficulty building a crib for the baby and Jordan arriving back at the Manor to see Maggie. When Macy, Maggie and Jordan go to Safe Space, Swan informs them that corporate have stopped paying the utilities, which Macy explains is their attempt to push them out of Safe Space and sell the building. Jordan helps Swan get the legal clinic to file an injunction against corporate to stop them from doing this.

Meanwhile, Abigael takes Waverly back to her apartment. Abigael tells Waverly that she needs to get the Blade of Clarity to give Macy back her fire powers, but Waverly refuses because Abigael sent a demon to tail her, but Abigael swears to her that she never sent a demon after her. Abigael looks through Waverly’s bag and finds a demon tracker inside.

Meanwhile, Maggie finds information on the Whispering Evil. An African myth states that the Whispering Evil was a parasite that needed a host body to spread infection. So, the Whispering Evil isn’t the disease, it’s a monster who escaped from the tomb and could be inside anyone. Macy also gives Maggie a potion bottle, which partly consists of Mel’s foetal DNA to reprogram their DNA to cure their allergy.

When they hear a woman screaming in Safe Space, they go upstairs to find everyone on the floor. Jordan walks in and tells them that he’s been hearing clicking everywhere, which makes them realise the Whispering Evil has arrived.

Jordan tells them that he saw Antonio trying to break into the switchboard room. Maggie puts truth serum in his coffee to find out more, but when she isn’t getting the answers she needs, she gives him more, eventually overdosing him and causing him to blabber. Meanwhile, Macy slips Jordan truth serum as they looking through Safe Space’s security footage, finding Harry breaking into the wiccan store with a crowbar. When she confronts him, Harry reveals to Macy that he has been having dreams about his former mortal life and he keeps waking up the moment before he dies and therefore doesn’t know how it happens. He was breaking into the wiccan store to find a dreamless sleep potion, and used a crowbar as his orbing is not working properly.

Meanwhile, Mel is surprised by the appearance of Abigael and Waverly, who are seeking shelter from the demon that is after them. Throughout their visit, Mel’s insecurities about being a mother and her emotions come to the surface. When Abigael and Waverly fight, threatening to use their powers against each other, Mel taps into her inner mother and sends them off to separate rooms. When Mel confides in Abigael about her insecurities, Abigael reassures her that she has too much love in her heart to be a bad mother. Mel tells Abigael that she should make the same efforts into making amends with Waverly as she is with Macy.

Waverly reactivates the tracker and puts it in Abigael’s pocket, which lures the demon to the Manor. The demon attacks Mel and Abigael, when he throws a knife towards Mel’s baby bump, it freezes, revealing that Mel has her freezing power back. When the demon reveals that Francesca hired him, Waverly throws the knife at him, killing him. The next day, Waverly and Abigael finish building the crib for Mel, and Waverly reveals that she suspected that Francesca was after her daughter, Lydia, for her powers. Abigael and Waverly agree to go after Francesca.

Meanwhile, Macy and Maggie discover that Swan and many others at Safe Space have been infected by the Whispering Evil (after initially suspecting them). When an infected Swan knocks Harry unconscious with a fire extinguisher, he dreams about his old mortal life again, this time discovering he died after stepping in front of a car to save a child from being run over.

Towards the end of the episode, when Maggie touches Jordan’s hand (after the magical allergy is cured), she has a premonition which reveals that the Whispering Evil is using Jordan as a host.

Overall I felt that this was a good but not great episode. The Whispering Evil provided a mystery for the sisters and the audience to solve, although I personally found the outcome to be predictable. I thought it was Jordan the whole time. I found the reveal of Harry’s mortal death was predictable and didn’t really add anything to the episode. I also found the Mel-Abigael-Waverly subplot interesting as Waverly has finally appeared onscreen, and we see a softer side to Abigael when she tries to comfort Mel about her insecurities on motherhood. I also found the magical allergy cure to be anticlimactic, considering how many episodes revolved around trying to solve it with more extreme but logical methods.

It will be interesting to see what happens next now that the sisters know that the Whispering Evil is using Jordan as a host.


Stray Observations:

-Jordan’s middle name is Horatio.

-Under the truth serum, Antonio reveals to Maggie that he has been having an ongoing erotic fantasy with peacock feathers.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “When I was nine I walked in on my parents having sex in my bedroom. We never talked about it afterwards, but I think that’s why I got so obsessed with Freud.” (Antonio under the truth serum to Maggie)