Charmed (Reboot) – Season 3, Episode 14 (Perfecti is the Enemy of Good)

This episode was all about taking down the Perfecti.

The episode kicks off with Celeste injecting Harry with a mysterious substance to progress his mortality journey. Meanwhile, Maggie is trying to get a premonition on where the Perfecti might be off Mo’s burger wrapper. They try to use the memory mirror to read their memories but to no avail. When they realise they can activate the mirror with orichalcum, Mel goes to the Command Centre to collect it, only to be ambushed by the Perfecti. They infect her with a magical frequency that will make her head explode, unless the sisters surrender to the Tomb of Chaos before midnight, and Mel passes out.

We then cut to Mel waking up in her bed, with Macy and Maggie telling her that they’re going to put her in a magically induced coma, while they find a way to defeat the Perfecti and Ruby will be looking after her. When Harry is notified of the situation, he wants to go and help them but Celeste points out that as his powers are fading that he’ll be a liability, so Celeste comes back with him. Celeste commends the sisters on their idea to use the memory mirror, but activates it herself. The mirror shows ancient Charmed Ones sending the Perfecti into the Tomb with the help of a Golem.

Celeste tells the sisters that Golems are super weapons of the magical world, they have no soul, no aura, and are impervious to human weapons and magical spells. Therefore creating a Golem has been banned, however if they were to make one, it would require demon-witch cooperation and a password to activate the Golem once it has been made. The sisters decide to get the cooperation they need from Fenric the Vile, with Maggie disguising herself as Abigael and going to see him.

When Maggie goes to see Fenric, he tells her he wants his powers restored. When Maggie doesn’t know what to do and fails to pull off Abigael’s demonic persona, she calls Abigael herself for assistance. Abigael suggests that she tricks Fenric into believing he has his powers restored. Maggie incepts Fenric with the feeling of power, buying her enough time to get the password off him and leaves.

Meanwhile, Harry is starting to experience neurological side effects to his mortality journey, becoming anxious and paranoid, culminating in him orbing away with the inactivated Golem. The sisters and Celeste find Harry at the Tulipe Institute, where they contain him. When Maggie tries to calm Harry down through breathing exercises, he tells her that he can see threats everywhere, she tells him she can relate as she sees threats everywhere due to her empathic abilities. Harry manages to convince Maggie that something isn’t right, and his fears are proven, when the Golem is activated but neither the sisters nor Celeste can control it. They eventually figure out that the Perfecti manipulated their memories, so the sisters would create and activate the Golem, which the Perfecti actually have control over via blood stones they wear around their necks.

The sisters realise that the Perfecti’s certainty and confidence in themselves is their Achille’s heel. Macy then comes up with a plan to lure the Perfecti to them – Celeste lowers the protection spell they are under, which allows the Perfecti to come after them, Maggie (still in Abigael’s form) sobs over Macy’s ‘dead’ body. The Perfecti open the Tomb to place Abigael and the sisters in, but the sisters outsmart them, having Harry orb the Golem in and Macy taking the blood stones from them, so the sisters can control it, and send the Perfecti back in the Tomb. The Perfecti tell the sisters not to send them back now as there is a bigger threat out there, but the sisters dismiss them.

Meanwhile, in her coma, Mel encounters her future self. Her future self tells her that the world has become a bad place and asks her for a favour. It’s revealed in the final moments of the episode that the favour her future self asked her to do was to carry her baby, with Mel getting out of bed and showing her sisters her newly acquired baby bump.

Overall I felt that the Perfecti’s defeat was well done as it was true to the Perfecti’s character. Their lack of humanity and subsequent inability to consider context was touched upon in previous episodes, so it makes sense that this led to their downfall.

Mel’s subplot surprised me the most, I certainly wasn’t expecting it and the episode to end the way it did. When I was researching this episode, I found a review which revealed that Melonie Diaz was pregnant at the time of filming, and this was the writers’ ways of incorporating her pregnancy into the show. While I understand this behind the scenes choice, in terms of the writing of the show, it came completely out of the blue and in all honesty didn’t really fit into the subplot or the episode.

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next, now that the Perfecti have been defeated and Mel is carrying her future child.