Charmed (Reboot) – Season 3, Episode 3 (Triage)

This episode is all about sacrifice and going down memory lane.

The episode kicks off with Jordan bringing the pouch he found in the previous episode to Abigael at her apartment. He finds her there ill and coughing ash, and also gives her an envelope.

Back at the Command Centre, Macy says the leaves from the Sacred Tree are dying. The Guardian appears to them, sick herself, and tells them that Vivienne’s poisonous touch has desecrated the Sacred Tree. She also tells them that when the last leaf falls, they’re done for, and saving the magical world requires the greatest power and sacrifice. They figure out that the greatest power is the Source.

Harry asks them if the Guardian gave them an indication of how much time they have, Mel says no but she thinks its days. Macy suggests that they infuse the power of the Source into the Sacred Tree. Harry tells them that this is dangerous, but Macy says they don’t have a choice, however they need to put the necklace back together. As they broke the necklace and Harry wiped their memories of where the pieces were scattered, they have Abigael perform a demon mind meld on them to make them remember. However as Abigael’s condition is deteriorating, they aren’t provided with clear clues. Meanwhile, with magic dying, Jimmy’s memories return and he reverts back to his old self.

Macy’s clue is a pair of sandals, which she manages to find under her bed. On the bottom of the sandals, she finds volcanic ash, which she analyses and discovers it can be found on the Desolation Islands, which are located on the Indian Ocean. Macy casts a spell on the sandals to have them take her down the path they previously walked, the sandals start walking and Harry and Macy follow them. They eventually find a cave but have to wait for the tide to go down to retrieve her piece of the necklace. While they wait, Macy tells Harry that the ‘greatest sacrifice’ means that one of the sisters has to die and she has decided it should be her as she is the oldest. Harry begs to take her place, but Macy says it has to be her. Harry tells her that if their time is running out he wants to make the most of it and asks Macy to dance with him.

Mel’s clue is the sign ‘Evergreen’ and the number 2070. Mel eventually figures out that ‘Evergreen’ refers to Evergreen Cemetery where Marisol was buried, however she still can’t figure out what the number 2070 is referring to. Abigael suggests that it may refer to the year 2070 and that she put her piece of the necklace in the future, as she was a time witch. Mel consults with Celeste via video call, Celeste sends Mel her watch and casts a spell to send her and Abigael to the future. Mel notices that the world hasn’t ended, which means everything will work out somehow. Mel goes to Marisol’s grave and finds her piece of the necklace, but Abigael also find’s Mel’s grave next to Marisol’s, which has her date of death listed as today.

Mel believes this means she has to sacrifice herself to save her sisters and magic, when they see two people come towards them they hide. The two people turn out to be future Ruby and her granddaughter visiting Mel’s grave to pay respects to her and for the sacrifice she made. After future Ruby and her granddaughter leave, Mel and Abigael return to the present.

Maggie’s clue is the sign of her old sorority. She and Jordan go there and disguise themselves in pirate costumes so none of her old sorority sisters recognise her. Maggie believes that everyone would have forgotten about her, but Jordan finds a tribute to her on the wall. Heidi, a drunken sorority sister walks in the room and recognises Maggie. Maggie and Jordan then hide out on the sorority house balcony to get away from her, while they wait they look at the stars, which makes Maggie realise her clue was about the Kappa Crucis constellation not the sorority. Maggie and Jordan go back to the Manor and Maggie finds her piece in a hidden compartment in the bottom of her jewellery box, which has the Kappa Crucis constellation in stickers on it.

The sisters return to the Command Centre and cast the spell to reignite the Source, but they need to get it to the Sacred Tree. Mel decides to make the sacrifice due to seeing her own grave and puts the necklace in the pool of black amber, which causes a huge power blast to come out of it. Maggie and Macy join her, telling her they’re doing this together. Meanwhile Jimmy comes to the Command Centre and he and Harry get into a battle, with Jimmy revealing that as magic is dead, their bond is severed and they can kill each other. They duel each other and Harry manages to stab Jimmy, killing him.

When the sisters return from the chamber, Mel still alive, they realise that the ‘greatest sacrifice’ was their willingness to give their lives for each other, a theme that has been touched upon repeatedly throughout the show’s run. They go to hug each other but find they can’t, a mysterious magical electrical forcefield stopping them.

The episode ends with Abigael waking up fully recovered. She opens the envelope from her sister that Jordan got in the previous episode. Her sister tells Abigael that the ‘item’ she requested is enclosed, and to never contact her or their mother again. Abigael destroys the letter and her apartment in a fit of rage. She also breaks the totem, which restores her demonic side and appearance. She looks at herself in the mirror and says ‘now there’s no stopping me’.

Overall I felt that this was a solid follow up episode to the end of the Faction story arc, especially the use of what was once an old threat to deal with a new one. I knew Mel wouldn’t die so their solution to the problem to deal with it together was predictable but well executed. I’m looking forward to finding out what the new problem is in regards to the forcefield, and what Abigael’s plans are now that she has been disowned by her entire family and has unleashed her demonic side.


Stray Observations:

-This episode marks the first time a spell is cast via video call.

-The present day in this episode is February 14, 2021.

-Mel was born on November 1, 1993.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Time is a wild animal and I’ve kept it as a pet for far too long.” (Celeste to Mel)
  • “No time to stop and smell the holograms.” (Mel to Abigael when they go to the future)