Charmed (Reboot) – Season 3, Episode 2 (Someone’s Going to Die)

As the episode title suggests, someone’s going to die.

The episode kicks off with Maggie using items from the pod that Harry was kept in to trigger a premonition, and she succeeds, triggering a premonition in which she sees her sisters attacked, Jordan, and someone unknown taking their last breath. She tells Mel and Macy this and they head down to the chamber to see the Guardian.

The Guardian informs them that she has a detected an imbalance in the magical world, a new Conqueror has risen. Mel points out to Maggie and Macy that Celeste told Harry about the Conqueror. The Guardian explains that Conquerors rise and try to steal magic for themselves, which means that Vivienne or Julian is the new Conqueror. The Guardian also warns them that if a human touches the black amber in the chamber, it will poison the magical world and destroy the balance on Earth. The last time this happened, it brought on the Dark Ages. The sisters suggest casting a sealing spell on the door to the chamber, but the Guardian tells them that if they do, it’s permanent, and the Command Centre will no longer have power, which means they can’t help other witches. This leads to Maggie having a panic attack and collapsing.

Meanwhile, Vivienne is showing Ivan the device that was in the briefcase shown at the end of the previous episode. The device is a Prism, an acquisition and retainment device. It can wield the powers contained within it and can syphon magic. As Ivan wants proof that it works, Vivienne puts it on, Nadia tells Vivienne that she thought her and Julian were holding off on demonstrations until they tested the safety protocols, but Vivienne dismisses her. She uses the device to briefly petrify Ivan to both show him it works and get more money out of him. When Nadia asks about Julian, she tells him that he has gone missing either because he has been captured or changed sides, either way he can’t be trusted.

Meanwhile Jordan is heading through the woods towards a mysterious house when his phone alerts him to a text from Maggie checking in as she hasn’t heard from him in a while. He texts her back, telling her he’s fine and not to worry about him. Mel brings her a cup of Marisol’s favourite tea to help her relax. Back at the Manor, Harry and Macy argue over whether they can trust Julian when he calls them. It’s revealed that he’s actually video calling them and he has taken Nadia’s form.

Julian tells them about Vivienne trying to petrifying Ivan, the Prism, and that she is planning on making her move tonight. He also tells them that magical detectors have been installed everywhere and a Faraday perimeter has been installed around the power plant to prevent them or any other magical creatures from coming in. When Harry questions Julian’s trust and loyalty, he reminds them that he let them turn him into Nadia, and counters that how does he know that Nadia won’t just show up and turn him in. Macy tells him (and the audience) that she and Harry incepted her with the idea that the Faction doesn’t exist and orbed her across the world.

Afterwards, Macy and Harry continue to argue about Julian, this time in front of Mel and Maggie. Mel and Maggie agree with Harry that Julian can’t be trusted as he is a wild card and they need a back-up plan to defeat Vivienne. Harry leaves to confirm that the Faraday perimeter is real, but before he does, Macy gives him a magical earbud she created so they can communicate with each other. The sisters then plan on casting a Turn the Tide spell to remove the Faraday perimeter.

Back at the power plant, Julian goes to retrieve the Prism, only to find the briefcase empty. Vivienne then walks in with the Prism on her hand. Julian tries to cover his tracks by saying he was trying to move the Prism to keep it safe from the Charmed Ones getting their hands on it. Vivienne asks ‘Nadia’ a question that she wouldn’t know the answer to but Julian would, catching Julian in a lie. Julian admits it’s him and tells her that they created the technology to help humanity, not destroy it. Vivienne tells him that humans will only succeed if they are the apex predator, Julian tells her he’s pulling the plug as it’s his technology but Vivienne won’t let him, using the Prism to petrify him.

Meanwhile the sisters cast the Turn the Tide spell and Harry manages to get into the power plant, but need to cast it again when Harry informs them that all the magical creatures that were held captive have been killed, and he is going to look for Vivienne. Macy wants to help him, so Mel and Maggie continue to cast the spell. Due to the overwhelming power of the spell, Mel ends up collapsing and Maggie has to continuing casting it solo.

Harry and Macy track down Julian, who is turning back into his physical self and dying. Harry tries to heal him but he’s too far gone and passes away. Macy goes to look for Vivienne and finds her straight away. Macy tries to use her powers against her, but Vivienne outsmarts her and uses the Prism to syphon Macy’s powers and read her mind to find the Command Centre and the Sacred Tree.

Harry and Macy return to the Command Centre and tell Mel and Maggie what happened and that they need to permanently seal the door to the chamber. As they are casting the spell, Vivienne blasts through the Command Centre, knocking them down and absorbs the black amber. When they come to, Vivienne is standing in front of the chamber entrance, now a monster. The sisters use the Power of Three to vanquish Vivienne, overloading the Prism and her with their power, destroying her.

The next morning, the news reports Julian’s and Vivienne’s deaths were caused by a lab accident. Jordan returns to see Maggie, informing her that he is going on a magical errand and will be giving a mysterious magical pouch to Abigael in exchange for the list of witch’s names that are descendants of the Tulipe Institute.

Towards the end of the episode, Mel has coffee with Ruby to thank her for her sagenite crystal, which was used to cast the Turn the Tide spell. When Ruby coughs ash onto her hand, Mel takes her to the Command Centre so Harry can heal her but he can’t. They look at the map and find that witches all around the world are in danger, and when they put the map in demon spotting mode, they find demons in the same state. They go into the chamber to speak to the Guardian only to find the tree turning to ash and the black amber now dark green – the magical world has now been poisoned by Vivienne touching the black amber, just as the Guardian warned. The magical threat that the Faction posed is not over.

Overall I felt that this was a strong episode and I feel that this episode should have been the finale – Julian and Vivienne were killed off which essentially closed the Faction story arc, only for a new threat of a poisoned magical world literally at Vivienne’s hands to emerge, which would have been the perfect springboard to kick off the third season. As production of the second season was shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this could have been the planned finale.

It will be interesting to see what the sisters will do next and what exactly the magical errand is that Jordan is running for Abigael.