Charmed (Reboot) – Season 3 Premiere (An Inconvenient Truth)

The job of a season premiere is to establish story arcs and subplots for the season. This premiere didn’t do its job in that regards, only continuing the story arc that was kicked off in the previous season.

The episode and the season kicks off with Julian posting a video online telling the public that Macy is missing, he is offering a reward to anyone who finds her, and delivers a veiled threat to Macy that he won’t give up on finding her. The sisters are watching the video, with Jordan calling Maggie to inform her that the video’s gone viral. Jordan asks her what the next move is, she tells him to get away from them and Safe Space as the Faction know about him too.

The sisters then weigh up their options. Macy proposes making the Clarion potion – a potion that plants the seed of an idea in an individual with the idea eventually spreading, like a mind virus. Macy proposes they use the potion on Julian to make him believe magic isn’t real and this idea will spread to Vivienne and the Faction. Harry also says that they’d have to capture Julian to get him to take the potion. Mel suggests that they use Jimmy to help capture Julian. The group decides to split up – Harry and Macy make the potion, whilst Mel and Maggie talk to Jimmy, who’s been held in containment in the attic. Before they head off, Harry talks to Maggie privately about her taking his feelings away with her emotional inception power, Macy sees and overhears them talking.

Meanwhile, when Jordan clears out his locker at Safe Space, Florence comes to see him. She taunts him at first but Jordan tells her he’s doing everything he can to balance the scales of justice and if that’s not enough for her, she should tell him what is. She conjures an hourglass and tells him that a descendant must save another descendant before the last grain of sand falls. She gives him the hourglass and leaves without telling him how to find a Tulipe Institute descendant.

In the attic, it’s revealed that after the sisters contained Jimmy in the Command Centre, they made an agreement to release him in exchange for his help in taking down the Faction. However he tells Mel that the offer expired when they put him in containment in the attic. Mel and Maggie point out that they contained him as he’s tried to kill them multiple times, but Jimmy counters that he’s only still alive because killing him means killing Harry. When Mel threatens to put him back in the jar and she and Jimmy bait each other, Maggie takes her into the hallway to try and get her to calm down using her emotional inception power, only to end up making her giddy.

Meanwhile, Harry and Macy realise they need a siren’s tongue for the potion and need to go to the magical black market to get one. Harry and Macy disguise themselves so they can blend in and they take the diamond necklace Julian gave her to use as currency. When they get there, they meet Hildegrim, a merchant who offers to get them the siren’s tongue they need, only to be duped by him when he steals the necklace and runs off. Harry and Macy end up ambushing Hildegrim, with Macy punching him and threatening to do more if he doesn’t cooperate. He gives them the siren’s tongue.

Meanwhile Jordan goes to Abigael’s apartment and finds her alone, depressed, eating pizza and drinking heavily. Abigael explains that she managed to get her apartment back as no-one is after her anymore due to Godric still being the Overlord. Jordan asks her for the name of a Tulipe Institute descendant he can help. She tells him a witch named Eleanor is currently being held captive by an ogre. Jordan ends up picking the lock of the house Eleanor is being held captive in, however he hears her screams behind a vault door. Abigael uses a potion that unlocks the door and they find Eleanor is being held captive in a painting. They take the painting back to Abigael’s apartment and she uses a magical paintbrush to free Eleanor. After Eleanor goes home, Abigael asks Jordan to pass on a message to her sister.

Back at the Manor, Maggie tries to get Mel back to her old self, again using her emotional inception power, but it backfires again, this time causing Mel to feel despair. She tries again, this time filling Mel with hope. This gives Maggie the idea to provide Jimmy with some actual hope. Mel and Maggie go back to the attic, where Maggie tells him that she thinks she has a way to release him so he can start over. He then tells them that Rosemary is the reason why Julian’s involved in the Faction. They go downstairs to inform Harry and Macy of this, just as they finish making the Clarion potion.

Macy calls Julian to distract him long enough for Jimmy to grab and bring him back to the Manor, placing him in containment. Macy tells him that he has blood on his hands due to the deaths of the magical creatures the Faction are responsible for whilst trying to extract their magic. He counters with the fact that magic can change the world for the better, but Macy points out that if magic could change the world for the better and solve problems, good witches would have done so a long time ago. Magic isn’t that simple, and witches can’t intervene with mortal lives and the world. Julian tells her that the black amber healed his sister.

Mel tells her that it’s not possible for the black amber to have healed Rosemary. Macy proposes that instead of using the Clarion potion, they find a human solution to a human problem. Harry and Macy orb into Rosemary’s room to use the Airmid to test her blood for a sedative that could have briefly woken her up, as the result of a side effect. However, Vivienne is alerted to their presence by the surveillance cameras in the room and sends her men after them. Harry and Macy orb out in the nick of time. When Macy returns, she shows Julian the photo she took of the results, which show that Vivienne did give Rosemary the sedative, proving that the black amber didn’t heal her. He agrees to help them take Vivienne and the Faction down.

Meanwhile, Mel and Maggie give Jimmy the Clarion potion and tell him he’s a good man. He wakes up on a bench in England and tells the police officer who sees him that he’s a good man, the police officer believes him and helps him to safety.

The episode ends with Nadia telling Vivienne that she heard about Harry and Macy breaking into Rosemary’s room and asks if she needs her to step in. Vivienne tells her it’s not necessary as she’s handling it. Vivienne is given a mysterious briefcase, opens it and looks inside. Vivienne tells Nadia that magic will soon belong to them.

Overall I felt that this was a decent premiere. While no new story arcs and subplots were established, there was progression on the current arc, the Faction, with Julian agreeing to help the sisters and Jimmy being set free. On smaller notes, I appreciated that Harry and Macy agreed to commit to their relationship, rather than Harry taking the easy way out by having Maggie erase his feelings for her, and I enjoyed Abigael and Jordan working together with Jordan calling Abigael out on her behaviour along the way.

I’m looking forward to reviewing the rest of the season and seeing where it goes.