Charmed (Reboot) – Season 2, Episode 10 (Curse Words)

I’m going to review this episode character by character.

Maggie and Jordan – The episode kicks off with Jordan’s 26th birthday party at SafeSpace. At the party, it’s revealed that he turns 26 at midnight, and Maggie is anxious about the curse and keeping him alive so the curse is broken. As everyone is singing happy birthday to him, Maggie has a premonition of a sign falling on him. She tackles him out of the way just in time. Afterwards, Jordan wants to leave but Maggie convinces him to stay.

Later, Jordan tells Maggie that he thinks his family is cursed, or at least the men are, as they all died at 25, revealing that his father died of a brain aneurysm, his uncle died in a car crash, and his grandfather was killed in Vietnam. He also tells Maggie that it’s the reason why he’s crammed so much into his life, such as being in the military and law school. Maggie tells him that she understands living in fear, which leads him to bringing up the social media post about her death. However he doesn’t question her about it, assuming she faked her death to get away from Parker. When he questions her about seeing her disappear in the switchboard room, she dismisses him as eating too many edibles, and he acknowledges that could explain it. Moments later, a cold draught comes through SafeSpace, Jordan checks the thermostat, whilst Maggie hears and sees the glass around her frosting up with the words ‘he is mine’ appearing on it, and a ghost in the hallway.

The ghost chases Maggie, but she manages to cast a spell to capture the ghost inside a mirror. The ghost is revealed to be Florence, the witch who cursed the Chase family. Maggie tries to reason with Florence, arguing that Jordan shouldn’t be punished for Lawrence’s actions. Florence tells her that Lawrence killed 25 witches in the Tulipe Institute, and she can’t let that go, and starts trying to break through the mirror.

As Florence is trying to break free, Maggie discovers that an uncrossing ritual would send Florence back to the spiritual plane, however she needs the Power of Three to be able to do so. Florence breaks free and sends Jordan flying across SafeSpace, before possessing Swan. Maggie subdues Florence and takes Jordan to the switchboard room, where she is forced to tell him that the curse is real. When Florence manages to break into the switchboard room, Maggie is then forced to take Jordan back to the Command Centre and tell him that she is a witch. As Mel and Ray are also in the Command Centre, she fills Mel in on the situation, and she asks Jordan for his ring.

Mel and Maggie go back into the Command Centre, with Harry and Macy orbing in moments later (Mel having filled Macy in via text). Florence manages to ambush them, hold Maggie hostage and tells them she plans on burning SafeSpace down if they don’t bring Jordan to her. Maggie points out that this makes her no better than Lawrence, again that Jordan had nothing to do with Lawrence’s actions, and gives her back her ring. Florence lets Maggie go, and the sisters perform the uncrossing ritual. This casts Florence out of Swan’s body, with her spirit now peaceful. Maggie thanks her for sparing Jordan, however Florence says that Jordan needs to balance out the scales of justice for the curse to truly be broken. Later, when Maggie discusses this with Jordan, neither of them knows what Florence meant by it. Jordan seems to accept the truth about Maggie and takes Swan (who thought she passed out from being drunk) home.

Mel and Ray – Mel and Ray’s subplot focuses on Ray contacting his buyers to find out how the talisman is connected to the darklighter. When Mel takes Ray to the Command Centre, he comments on the Centre’s financial and archaeological worth whilst Mel chooses to give Ray a Cintamani Prism and puts a tracking spell on it. When Ray finds a vial of black amber, Mel tells him it’s a potion that doesn’t work, but that doesn’t stop him from covertly stealing it.

Mel and Ray meet the buyers in Reno. Ray meets them in an alleyway, while Mel covertly watches from a distance. Nadia, the buyer calling the shots, has the Prism scanned and while it initially scans without a problem, an alarm goes off seconds later, alerting them to the tracking spell. To prevent the buyers from killing him, he gives them the vial of black amber, whilst Mel uses her powers to force the gun Nadia is holding at Ray, out of her hand.

Ray explains that he took the vial of black amber as a ‘plan B’, he apologises for taking it, but he also calls her out for lying to him about it. Ray notices a surveillance camera nearby, which can provide them with the licence plate of the car that the buyers took off in, and he tells Mel about a tattoo he noticed on Nadia’s wrist.

When they get back to the Command Centre, Ray draws Nadia’s tattoo but Mel doesn’t recognise it nor knows what it means. Mel asks him why he and Marisol split up. Ray tells her that he and Marisol were both college professors when they met and fell in love, however his work took him all over the world, which left Marisol alone to raise her. Marisol ended up falling back in love with Macy’s father and had Maggie. He and Marisol tried to make it work after Maggie was born, but he knew Marisol’s heart had belonged to someone else, and ended up cheating on her before leaving them.

At the end of the episode, Ray gives Mel the phone number of a retired cop friend who will discreetly help her track down the owner of the car with the licence plate. Mel asks him to stay, but Ray tells her that the buyers will be searching for him and it’s too dangerous for him to stay, as much as he wants to. He leaves the Manor to go into hiding.

The final moments of the episode show the buyers experimenting with the black amber on a dead animal. The black amber revives the animal, which excites Nadia as it proves that magic exists.

Macy, Harry and Abigael – Abigael makes another appearance, collapsing outside SafeSpace begging for Harry’s help. Harry determines that Abigael has been poisoned with hellebore venom and the only antidote is a lavender witch hazel injection, but she has no idea who has poisoned her. Harry offers to take her back to her apartment, but Macy insists on going with them as she feels Abigael can’t be trusted.

When Macy asks to Abigael to use the bathroom, she finds dust, which leads to her finding a lavender witch hazel syringe in a cupboard. Macy confronts her with the syringe, clearly proving that she faked the assassination attempt to spend time with Harry. Abigael claims that she appreciates the goodness in Harry and Macy doesn’t if she was attracted to his darklighter. Macy tells Harry the truth about Abigael’s faked assassination attempt and when he asks why she’d do that, Macy tells him that she saw the kiss between them. Harry and Macy agree to leave, but he takes a moment to let Abigael down gently. Abigael tells him that she brings out the best in him and sees him as whole. Macy then comes in to tell him that they need to leave to help Maggie.

At the end of the episode, Harry tells Macy he’s going to check up on Abigael to make sure the antidote was given to her correctly. Macy asks Harry if he has feelings for her. He doesn’t completely admit it but doesn’t deny it either, and calls her out on her interactions with Julian. He leaves and Macy decides to go to Aspen to be with Julian.


Overall I felt that this was an interesting episode, but not the strongest one. While there was progression in the Jordan-cursed subplot with Jordan discovering that Maggie is a witch and the curse was real but not broken, there was still no progression in the Abigael-Overlord story arc. I felt that Abigael and Macy essentially fighting over Harry was cliché, I also felt that Maggie should have just taken Jordan to the Command Centre straight away to tell him about the curse instead of just standing around in the switchboard room. However I did appreciate Ray and Mel’s subplot, which provided more of a backstory into his and Marisol’s relationship, the decisions he made as a husband and father, and the fact that Mel and Ray are more similar than they are different.

It will be interesting to see where we go from here with the reveal of the buyers, and Jordan now knowing that Maggie, Mel and Macy are witches.