The Good Place – Season 3, Episode 5 (Jeremy Bearimy)

This episode picks up from where we were left off, with the gang asking Michael and Janet questions about the portal and who they are, especially after they recognise Michael. When Michael asks Janet how  to get out the situation, she tells him there’s very little wiggle room to lie to them.

Michael ends up telling the gang that they are paranormal investigators for the FBI, however as Eleanor’s office was constantly raided by the FBI, she is able to pick up on the lie right away. Janet tells Michael that they heard everything about the afterlife and he might as well tell them the truth. Michael ends up telling them everything – that they died, their experiences in the Bad Place, and the concept of the afterlife. Michael reveals to them that as they now know about the afterlife, their motivation to be good is corrupt so they can’t earn points anymore, and what happened to them in the afterlife spanned 300 years of non-linear time. Overwhelmed and depressed about their fate, the gang leave and deal with the news in different ways.

Tahani decides to donate $2 million anonymously to the Sydney Opera House, with Jason also suggesting that they donate more money to other people that they think need it, handing out bundles of cash all over the city. Eleanor returns to being a bad person, exploiting a pub’s offer of a birthday margarita. She finds a wallet on the ground and plans to steal the cash, but she ends up going to great efforts to return it to its owner, Fred Booth, who thanks her and reassures her she’s a good person. Meanwhile Chidi has a breakdown – buying $880 worth of chilli and candy – and cooks it in front of his students, explaining different concepts of philosophy that apply to each member of the gang. Eleanor is in the lecture and takes Chidi to meet up with the others. Meanwhile Michael and Janet decide to write a manifesto, detailing everything that has happened, and turn themselves into The Judge.

The episode ends with Eleanor, Tahani, Jason and Chidi meeting Michael and Janet at the university’s journalism department. Eleanor tells them that as they can’t get themselves into the Good Place that they should try to help other people get into the Good Place instead. Tahani also reveals that she married Jason so she could transfer half her wealth to him, moments before Larry Hemsworth shows up to start his life with Tahani.

Overall, this episode was improvement to the previous one, with the Soul Squad story arc kicking off. I found the explanation of the afterlife timeline and everyone’s reaction to it, especially Chidi’s, hilarious. It will be interesting to see where we go next with the Soul Squad and who they will try to help get into the Good Place.


Stray Observations:

-The episode’s title comes from the simplest explanation Michael can give on how non-linear time works in the afterlife – the timeline of the afterlife looks a lot like Jeremy Bearimy in cursive English.

-The pub Eleanor goes to, to drink away her sorrows is called ‘Drinking Nemo’.

-Tahani is friends with Kevin Costner.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “What is this? The dot over the ‘I’ what the hell is that?” “How do I explain this concisely? This is Tuesdays and also July.” “And sometimes it’s never.” “That’s true, occasionally that moment on the Bearimy timeline is the time-moment where nothing never occurs.” (Chidi-Michael-Janet-Michael on the dot over the ‘I’ in Jeremy Bearimy)
  • “See ya in hell! You know, I just realised, I always say that when leaving a room but right now it’s accurate. I will literally see all of you in hell!” “Not if I see you first!” (Eleanor-Jason)
  • “I just tried to sell you some drugs and you made it weird.” (A drug dealer to Chidi when Chidi breaks down in front of him)
  • “Keep the meter running, as soon as I’m done here I’m going to head to the airport and get out of this trash country, where everyone’s either a criminal or a spider.” (Eleanor to her taxi driver)
  • “Well it just seems a bit odd to transfer the totality of your account, 131 million British Pounds to the account of this person, a man who is so fragrantly ignoring the one lollipop per customer rule…we’re technically supposed to shut down the bank if anyone from Florida walks in.” (The bank employee to Tahani)