The Good Place – Season 3 Premiere (Everything is Bonzer!) [Two-Parter]

The job of a season premiere is to establish the story arcs and subplots for the new season. This premiere did its job perfectly.

The season 2 finale had the gang return to Earth, their lives being saved, however we only saw how Eleanor’s life panned out after being saved. The premiere shows that Michael actually saved all four of them from their original deaths, by going to Earth via The Judge’s travel papers and The Doorman, who likes frogs. We are briefly shown Jason proposing to a cop who arrests him, Tahani being interviewed by a magazine in her extravagant home, and Chidi agonising over what muffin to buy from a coffee stall, before we are shown Eleanor and Chidi’s meeting in Chidi’s office. Eleanor tells Chidi that she wants to learn how to be a better person, by telling him about her near-death experience and that her previous attempts to improve herself failed. Chidi agrees to teach her about ethics and philosophy, and also tells her about his own near-death experience.

Chidi’s near-death experience actually led to him becoming a decisive person, which in turn made him happier than ever, however he reverted back to his indecisive ways after his friend, Henry, is injured after following Chidi’s advice to lose weight. Later, Eleanor meets Simone, a neuroscientist who conducted an MRI on Chidi to help him become a more decisive person, on campus and immediately picks up on the fact that her and Chidi are interested in each other. Eleanor encourages Chidi to ask Simone out, however he dismisses her. Eleanor then asks Simone if she likes Chidi, she says she does and that she has dropped hints that Chidi hasn’t picked up on, when Chidi is in the MRI machine, Eleanor uses the microphone to ask Simone out on Chidi’s behalf.

Back in the afterlife, Michael expresses his concerns to Janet about Eleanor encouraging Chidi to date Simone, but Janet points out that Eleanor and Chidi have always managed to connect, even when they weren’t in a romantic relationship. Meanwhile Shawn leads a Bad Place team to find a way to hack into The Judge’s system, eventually discovering that Michael’s visits provide a backdoor into the system. Later, Chidi comes up with the idea of doing a joint study with the neuroscience department, exploring the effects of near-death experiences on ethical decision making and brain function. Three weeks later, Tahani arrives in Australia.

When Eleanor asks Tahani how she came to be a part of the study, Tahani tells them about her own near-death experience, where she was saved from being crushed (by Michael) and the crowd around her thought that Kamila had saved her life. There and then, Tahani made the decision to no longer chase fame and lead a simpler life, going to Tibet to work in a monastery. While Tahani manages to make real change, she reverts back to her fame-chasing lifestyle after a television show camera crew discovered her in the monastery, and she wrote a best-selling book, ironically, about her life out of the spotlight. She reveals that she was inspired to join the study after a sleazy investor (Michael) likened himself to her.

Later, Michael goes down to Earth to visit Jason, who is throwing rocks over a pier. Michael poses as an international talent scout to convince Jason to start a dance crew in Australia. Jason declines at first, explaining to Michael that after his near-death experience, he devoted himself to dance competitions and forbade his crew from committing any more crimes. However after his dance crew experienced multiple failures, they returned to committing crimes. When Jason finishes giving Michael a recap of the last year of his life, he changes his mind and agrees to go to Australia.

The episode ends with Jason arriving in Australia and Michael thinking he got away with his additional visits to Earth to bring the gang together, only to discover that the Bad Place have sent Trevor to Earth to participate in Chidi and Simone’s study.

Overall I felt that this was a solid season premiere, with the study story arc being established, the gang getting back together on Earth for the study, and a necessary spanner thrown in the works with Shawn catching on to Michael’s plan and sending Trevor to Earth. It will be interesting to see where this story arc, and Michael and Janet go next.

I’m looking forward to reviewing the rest of the season.


Stray Observations:

-The key to the door to Earth was made out of the first atoms in existence.

-Michael doesn’t have any powers on Earth.

-The name of the coffee stall that Chidi buys muffins from is called ‘We Crumb From a Land Down Under’.

-Michael saved Eleanor’s life by picking her up and taking her away from the row of trolleys coming towards her. He saved Chidi’s life by riding a bike on the footpath, which forced Chidi to move out of the way of the falling air conditioner. He saved Tahani’s life by tackling her as the statue of Kamila started to fall on the ground, and he saved Jason’s life by opening the safe he locked himself in.

-Apparently anti-matter is the afterlife’s equivalent of coffee.

-Apparently Arizona’s biggest exports are racist sheriffs and HPV.

-Michael thinks he nailed the Australian accent, Janet doesn’t, and as an Australian myself, I can say that he certainly didn’t nail it. His attempt varied from New Zealand, to American, to stereotypical British.

-Apparently Eleanor met Russell Crowe when he caught her taking pictures in his driveway.

-Janet ran simulations on what Simone and Chidi’s baby would be like – one was hot enough to go on The Bachelor and another was smart enough to not go on it.

-Tahani gave her stuff to Prince William.

-Some of the celebrity contacts in Tahani’s phone included: Bono, The Edge (both their fake and real numbers), Taylor Swift, The Queen, The Rock, Thom Yorke, Tilda Swinton, Tiger Woods, Tim Cook, Tim Gunn and Tom Brady.

-After Jason was arrested, he used his one phone call to prank the police department.

-The Judge binge watched 300 episodes of NCIS.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Yes everyone is safe, including Jason.” (Michael to Janet)
  • “Thank you sexy librarian guy.” “I never said he was sexy.” (Eleanor-Chidi on the librarian [Michael] who inspired Chidi)
  • “Knowing you two nerds, your first kiss is going to be while reading Plato in an MRI machine.” (Eleanor to Chidi on him and Simone dating)
  • “Simone, what is the one thing that Eleanor and I have in common?” “A complete disregard for my office hours.” (Chidi-Simone)
  • “Claustrophobic? Who would ever be afraid of Santa Claus? Oh, the Jewish.” (Jason after Simone asks the gang if they are claustrophobic after showing them the MRI machine)