Charmed (Reboot) – Season 2, Episode 2 (Things to Do in Seattle When You’re Dead)

Now that the premiere has come and gone, the fun can really begin by further developing story arcs and subplots for the season.

This episode basically had the characters pair off – Mel and Maggie, and Harry and Macy – after Macy discovers that Layla, the niece of the two witches they found dead at the bed & breakfast in the previous episode, has gone missing. Harry and Macy rent a car to go back to Vermont to try and find her, due to Harry’s orbing being off-kilter due to absorbing some of the assassin’s poison in the previous episode, and as they are the only ones with powers, and Mel and Maggie are defenceless.

While Harry and Macy are making their way to Oregon, based on the clues Maggie found in the surveillance footage of Layla’s kidnapping and the demon who took her, Macy tells Harry about the dreams she has been having. Just as Harry is about to tell her the truth about the assassin, another witch runs out in front of the car and collapses in front of them. They discover that she has been poisoned by the assassin, Harry tries to heal her but she dies. Before she dies, she tells them to save Layla and that ‘they’re coming tonight, the Seventh Circle’ – referencing another the Club Maggie found when she did a reverse image search on a bumper sticker on the demon’s car.

When Harry and Macy arrive near the club and observe a large number of demons going inside, Harry tells her about the demon bloodlines and how they all have unique powers and agendas. Macy tells Harry that she thought they were at war with each other. Macy tells him that if they want to infiltrate the club, they need to fit in, pulling a glamour powder Maggie made out of her purse. We then see them in disguise, which leads to Macy providing more details about the dreams she has been having about him, and in turn Harry tells her the truth about the assassin looking exactly like him, suggesting he is a shape-shifter demon. Harry tells her that the assassin might be in the club, and to not trust him while they are in there.

When they get to the club, Harry realises that the demons have a security protocol where they test for demon blood at the door, which means he can’t go in, but Macy says that she’ll be able to get in due to her own demon blood and demonic fire power. When she gets into the club, a demon puts a bracelet on her arm, binding her powers whilst she is in there. She then finds Layla tied to a stake. A demonic spokesman, Godric, informs everyone that an unseen Overlord is uniting them all together to go after their oppressors – witches – and they’ll start with burning Layla. Macy manages to stall the burning by claiming to be the Overlord (and an invisible Mel and Maggie attacking everyone helps, I’ll get to this) and save Layla.

Meanwhile back in Seattle, Mel and Maggie are waiting outside SafeSpace Seattle for it to open so they can access the Command Centre. When they get in Maggie finds out that Hilltowne thinks that she and her sisters died in a house fire, and in the process of trying to find their obituaries to get more information, she finds out that hers and Mel’s father has died, while Mel finds a rare mandrake root that can use to make a cloaking potion. Maggie wants to go the funeral only for Mel to remind her it’s too dangerous as the assassin will be able to track them down, and that their father was absent and neglectful. After venting in the gym and to Jordan that she feels like she’s constantly treated as a child, she decides to use the portal to go to the funeral.

Meanwhile, Mel goes upstairs to get the ingredients she needs from Kat. She tries to subtly steal them, only for Kat to catch her and let her pay for them when she can, noticing her distress. Mel makes her potion in the communal kitchen, testing it on an apple with success. When Mel goes back into the Command Centre to tell Maggie, she realises she has gone to their father’s funeral.

Maggie attends the funeral from a distance when the assassin appears. Maggie is immediately suspicious of him due to his odd behaviour. Just as he is about to kill her, an invisible Mel rescues her and takes her back to the Command Centre. Later, whilst Macy is in the club, Mel and Maggie use the cloaking potion to check that the Harry waiting for Macy is the real one. They also use the cloaking potion to confuse and attack the demons at the club to assist in Layla’s rescue. When the potion wears off and Macy unties Layla, they along with Harry, leave the club out the front door.

When they get back to the Command Centre, Maggie tells Mel that she is applying for a receptionist job at SafeSpace Seattle so they have constant access to the Command Centre. Macy also makes a list of witches they have lost, so they won’t forget them, however Harry also makes a list of the witches they have saved, so they also celebrate their victories.

The episode ends with Godric and other demons looking at the surveillance footage of the sisters leaving the club with Layla, finding out that the Charmed Ones are in fact still alive.

Overall I felt that this was a solid episode as we get more of an insight into the demonic hierarchy, and the truth about the assassin and Macy’s dreams finally came out. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.


Stray Observations:

-There are multiple types of demons/demon bloodlines: Vagrants, Malignants, Carnals and Primordials.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Honestly I don’t know how people lived before cell phones…even though I did.” (Harry to Macy as he tries to navigate using a large paper map)
  • “Thanks for driving by the way, I find the right side of the road to be utterly barbaric.” (Harry to Macy)
  • “Sometimes it’s okay to be on the ‘B’ team.” “I am not on the ‘B’ team, I’m an ‘A’ team, ‘A minus’ at worst.” (Maggie-Mel)