How to Stay Married – Season 3, Episode 5

This episode explores environmental impacts and online etiquette.

The episode kicks off with Greg, Sophie and Chloe going for a run as part of an environment audit project Sophie is doing for a school assignment. We then see Sophie continuing her audit inside the house, while Greg makes Em morning tea in an effort to try and meet Adam Gilchrist via the video calls she’s having with him. This doesn’t work as Em tells “Gilly” to have a break just as he walks in.

When Em walks into the kitchen, Greg gets an email from Luna about a social media post where he was caught using a single use water bottle. He responds by saying he uses the water bottle more than once. Sophie then calls Em out on her purchase of almond milk and coffees in single use cups, the latter by opening the bin and having the cups pour out. After Sophie and Em briefly argue about the cups, Chloe takes them and puts them in a basket for a yet-to-be-revealed reason.

Meanwhile, Terry and Greg are about to do another My Sh*t Husband podcast when Greg gets multiple notifications on his phone, alerting him to the out-of-control responses to his social media comments. This leads to Terry changing the subject of the podcast to online etiquette for men. The podcast spins out of control when Terry ends up politicising the topic, and Greg tries to distance himself and defend his comments, to no avail. When Greg tries to find the original post again, it has disappeared and he concludes that Luna deleted it.

Meanwhile Em tries to prove to Sophie that she too protested environmental issues, to no avail. When she tells Gilly about it on another video call, he tells her about how harmful polyester is to the environment, which makes Em realise that most of Sophie’s wardrobe is polyester-based active wear. This leads to Em calling Sophie out on her newfound environmental passion by putting most of her wardrobe, including a new dress for a party, into garbage bags to be donated to charity.

Later, Luna shows up at the Butler house, believing that Greg has had people swarm the school’s PASH (parents and students’ hub) page. He tells her he hasn’t and they realise the page has been hacked. When Em walks out with Sophie’s clothes, Luna comments on how awful polyester is on the environment, only for Greg to point out that she herself is wearing it at that moment. Greg takes a photo of her in her active wear to blackmail her into allowing him onto the new PASH page she will be setting up. She tells him the parents will want an apology, he refuses and Luna leaves. Although in the next scene, we see Em filming Greg apologise, and he admits he’s addicted to PASH. As he’s talking to her, Em sees Sophie going through the donation bags in the boot of her car to get the party dress out.

When Em confronts her, she points out to Sophie that she is only a passionate environmentalist when it suits her, like many of her generation. Sophie once again tries to use Em’s single use coffee cups against her, only for Em to point out that the coffee gets her through her day at work, which pays for the party dress. Sophie asks Em to buy her coffees with a reusable cup and she agrees, and gives the party dress back to Sophie. Chloe then comes up to her and tells her “it’s done.” Chloe then reveals that she’s built a worm farm with the food scraps she asked for earlier in the episode, and a vegetable garden with Em’s disposed single use coffee cups.

The episode ends with Em having another video call with Gilly. Gilly asks her about her recycling war with Sophie. He tells her that Australia’s recycling keeps getting rejected overseas because the recycling industry is controlled by “octopus people”, or octopods. Em realises that his “theory” would actually make a good children’s book.

In the end credits, Terry has been invited to the Facebook group, “The Boys of Summer” by a My Sh*t Husband podcast fan in the U.S., who commented on Terry’s podcast earlier in the episode. Terry thinks the group are fans of Don Henley, but when he accepts the invitation, it turns out they are a hate group who have been wearing My Sh*t Husband merchandise during their violent protests.

Overall, I felt that this was a weak episode. While the environmental story arc was interesting, especially with it used as a tool to explore generation gaps within a family, I felt it was undermined by the cliché and repetitive jabs that Sophie threw at Em – Sophie calling Em a “Karen” and a “boomer” got old fast. I also felt that Terry’s podcast and its ramifications didn’t really add anything to the episode. However, I did enjoy Gilly making fun of himself and his struggles to come up with material for his autobiography, which ultimately led to a children’s book idea.


Stray Observations:

-Brad and Marlo didn’t appear in this episode.

-Apparently Adam Gilchrist knows what the numbers in recycling symbol mean.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • Who rides their kids to school on a tandem bike, it seems a bit stage managed to me!?” (Greg to Em on Luna)
  • “Since when did good grammar become toxic?” (Greg to Terry on his social media comments)
  • “It’s not about winning Chloe; it’s about not coming last.” (Sophie to Chloe on the environment audit project)
  • “We’ve been hacked Greg, either that or Fish Guts Bob somehow spawned a human child that attends the school.” (Luna to Greg on the school’s parents and student hub being hacked)
  • “I’d rather die than apologise for good syntax.” (Greg to Luna on her telling him to apologise for using a full stop on his social media comments)
  • “I’m Gen Alpha, that’s how we roll.” (Chloe to Greg when he asks her what inspired her to make a worm farm and veggie garden)


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