How to Stay Married – Season 3, Episode 3

This episode was all about trivia and alcohol.

While the Butler family have spent the last two episodes being paired off, interestingly, this episode focuses more on Greg, Em, Terry, Marlo, Luna and the other parents, than it does on the family as a whole, especially with the absence of Chloe.

The trivia night that Greg talked about in the previous episode when he tried to outdo Luna in providing the best prizes, has finally arrived. However much to nearly every parent’s (except Greg) disappointment, it’s a dry night – so it’s not the usual piss up that every parent remembers. Em is especially disappointed as she filled her car boot with wine for the night.

Despite Luna’s orders, Em manages to sneak out and drink the wine during the trivia night, which is still in the boot of her car. Em manages to keep her drinking a secret, until Marlo realises she has been drinking and they sneak off to Em’s car to drink some more. The situation soon escalates when other parents find out. Throughout the evening more parents join in and the secret drinking turns into a full-blown party in the car park, with Greg, Terry and Brad left to try and win the night.

When there are a handful of people left inside just before the night ends, Greg goes outside and finds out about everything, while Luna manages to find the school’s PA system and orders everyone to come back inside. Luna’s team and Greg’s team are tied and are forced into a tie breaker, but shortly before he gets on stage to participate, Greg finds out that Terry had the answers to the questions the whole time. This disappoints Greg as he wanted to beat Luna fairly, and he ends up letting her win the tiebreaker and the trivia night.

Throughout the episode, Sophie is at home with Ravi and her friend, Lindsay, trying to have a drinks night of their own – despite being underage. They at first try to order drinks online and have them delivered, only for the delivery person to rightfully ask for ID and then walk away with the drinks when Sophie and Ravi fail to act older and “mature”. The three of them resort to drinking the alcohol in the house, however Ravi insists on taking photos and video of the alcohol to promote on social media. Things come to a head when Ravi accidentally spills Greg’s beer on her whilst she is taking pictures of him and Lindsay.

When Lindsay comes to Sophie’s room to apologise to her, Sophie admits she’s never tried alcohol before and she wanted it to be special and fun but it turned out to be lame. Lindsay then admits that the drinking and partying she did at her cousin’s wedding, which she spent the episode bragging about, was a lie and that she in fact had half a glass of champagne and her mother watched her drink it. Just as Sophie and Lindsay decide to just watch Twilight (ironically), a drunk Ravi runs past them in the hallway and falls down. Lindsay tells Sophie she’ll take him home.

The episode ends with Greg and Em coming home, with Em telling Greg that there is a silent majority of parents that want to see Greg in charge of the P&C. Greg goes to pour them drinks, only to find nothing left in the bottle and deduces that Sophie has been drinking.

In the end credits scene, a hungover Marlo calls Tamsyn Lewis to apologise for her behaviour, only for Tamsyn to angrily tell Marlo to never call her again.

Overall, I felt that this wasn’t as strong an episode as the previous two, but there were some elements to it I appreciated. I appreciated that the episode was set within the same day, the guest appearance of Tamsyn Lewis (and the fact that she can clearly make fun of herself), that Greg was the straight man and Em was the one out of control, and Sophie’s own subplot which had an unexpected ending as opposed to diving into the cliché “teenager drinks and parties while parents are out” territory. I also appreciated the reappearance of Casey Donovan as Luna, with her appearances as the green Tia in Street Smart and here as Greg’s parental arch nemesis, Donovan’s comedic range is growing.

On another note, I’d also like to give a shout out to my fellow Waggarian, Michelle Brasier, who made a brief appearance as Heather, one of the parents at the school trivia night.


Stray Observations:

-For some unknown reason Terry has a lot of knowledge on disgraced former child stars.

-Chloe doesn’t appear in this episode, she’s at a sleepover with Hannibal.

-The host of the trivia night makes a subtle COVID-19 reference when he says he shouldn’t “joke about germs as we’re not completely out of the woods yet.”

-Luna’s trivia night team name is “The Luna Eclipse”.

-Apparently Sophie and Lindsay ran lines with Ravi for an upcoming audition he has, every day at lunch.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “An arch-nemesis, I’d kill for one of them!” (Marlo to Greg on his rivalry with Luna)
  • “Well, if it isn’t ‘Team S**t Husband!’” (Luna to Greg, Em, Terry, Marlo and Brad when they arrive at the school for the trivia night)
  • “This smells like a farm animal’s urine!” (Ravi to Sophie on alcohol he finds in the house)
  • “So what it’s the 2020s not the 1920s!” (Marlo to Em when Em feels guilty about secretly drinking during the trivia night)


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