Fisk – Season 1, Episode 3 (Taken)

This is episode is all about stealing.

The episode kicks off with Helen waking up to the sound of Graham nosily going about his morning in the kitchen, as she is sleeping on the sofa bed in an adjacent room.

We then cut to Helen going into work with Roz attempting to make small talk with her. Later when she’s working in her office, Ray tells Helen he wants her to take on a ‘Popovitch’ and warns Helen to hide her ‘purse’ while Roz comes in asking Ray to hide her own purse. It’s later revealed that the client, Eileen Popovitch, is a kleptomaniac, starting with stealing the teaspoon that came with her tea, then escalating with trying to steal Helen’s diary, whilst she is requesting that she be given power of attorney over her mother.

Later, Roz attempts friendly chitchat with Helen again while she is heating up her leftover soup at lunch. Helen’s ex-husband, William Ford, turns up to the office to see her, as he’s in town for the Yarra Literary Festival. Helen takes him outside and he gives her a customised phone cover with a photo of Artie on it. He asks her to get a coffee with him, however due to her ban at Artisan, he gets them takeaway coffees with her money. William tells Helen he wants shared custody of Artie, even though Artie is her dog.

Meanwhile Roz wants to make a promotional video for Gruber & Gruber, and Ray informs her that the firm can’t operate under the name ‘Gruber & Gruber’ while Roz is suspended. This leads to Roz asking George to take the second ‘Gruber’ off the firm’s signage. When Helen goes home, she asks May and Graham why she has to engaged in small talk with Roz, May tells her to do so, as it’s polite.

When Helen goes into work the next day, she finds Roz trying to shoot the promotional video for the firm, now operating under the name ‘Gruber & Associates’. She then meets with Eileen Popovitch and her mother, Mrs. Popovitch, who is also a kleptomaniac. During the meeting both mother and daughter are stealing items off the desk, including the conference phone. Helen has a hard time getting both ladies to cooperate and giver her the facts of their situation.

Meanwhile Roz shows Ray the promotional video she has made but he tells her she can’t be the face of the firm due to her suspension, and tells her to get Fisk to be in the video. Later, when the Popovitch ladies try to leave without paying, they also attempt to take the paintings on the wall, furniture and other items from the reception area, as well as Helen’s glasses. Later, Roz tries to get Fisk to do the promotional video.

Later while Helen is working at her desk, she gets a call from Graham panicking and informing her that William has taken Artie. When she tries to leave the office and sees Roz in the reception area with the others, she tries to practice all of her chitchat topics that May suggested to her, at once.

Helen drives to the Yarra Literary Festival, where she also finds Eileen and Mrs. Popovitch in attendance at William’s panel as they stole the festival pamphlets from Helen’s office. During the panel, Helen asks William where Artie is, only to be thrown out by security.

The next day, Helen does the video for Roz and due to her sadness over losing Artie, she is able to perform the way Roz wants her to.

The episode ends with Mrs. Popovitch coming to see Helen, taking her downstairs where it’s revealed she stole Artie (and a stool) from the Literary Festival. Helen thanks her and gets her glasses back from her, while upstairs, George takes the stuff Mrs. Popovitch stole from the firm out of her bag. In the end credits scene, we see Roz’s completed promotional video for the firm, and Mrs. Popovitch stealing another stool from Artisan.

Overall this was a solid episode with the first appearance of Helen’s ex-husband, William, comedic moments with the Popovitch ladies, and the exploration of Helen’s emotional side with the Artie subplot. I also appreciated the exploration of the consequences of Roz’s suspension with the name of the firm and her promotional video.


Stray Observations:

Running gag: Helen’s efforts to make small talk/friendly chitchat with Roz.

-Helen believes there should be a limit of three takeaway coffees per customer at cafes during peak times.

-George views 40 as an old age.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “What was that about?” “Maybe she wanted some of your soup.” “Maybe, it is good soup.” (Helen-George-Helen on Roz’s attempt to engage in small talk with her)
  • “Don’t look, but I think there’s a clown in reception.” (Helen to George on Eileen Popovitch)
  • “You might want to hide your purse.” “Purse? I’m not an old woman, who says ‘purse’?” “Raymond, I need you to hide my purse, there’s a Popovitch coming in.” (Ray-Helen-Roz)
  • “Is she circus folk? Fun.” (Helen to George on Eileen Popovitch)
  • “There’s no statute of limitations on friendly chitchat, Helen.” (Roz to Helen)
  • “Handsome black guy?” “I don’t know.” “You don’t know if he’s black or you don’t know if he’s handsome?” “Both, I don’t see colour or handsome.” (Helen-George going back-and-forth on William)
  • “Could you frisk Mrs. Popovitch, I think she’s got the lucky waving cat in her pocket.” “No, I’m not going to cavity search an old woman.” (George-Helen)
  • “Do you make many conference calls Mrs. Popovitch?” (Helen to Mrs. Popovitch as she is taking the conference phone)
  • “You look constipated.” “Well, I eat a lot of cheese Roz, that’s what happens.” (Roz-Helen on Helen’s face)
  • “Disruption. Thunder-faced woman. Shouting, crazy, ‘Where’s my dog?’, Lady, please. Get out.” (Akiko’s improvised haiku about Helen at the Literary Festival)



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