Amazing Grace – Season 1, Episode 4

This episode was all about choices.

We kick off with Kirk, Grace and Sophia going to another adoption counselling session, only for Sophia to kick them out as she intended on completing the session alone. When the counsellor tells Kirk they’ll discuss “that other matter” later, Grace asks him about it and Kirk tells her that he is looking into intra-family adoption. Grace then vents to Laney about it, telling her that if anyone should adopt Eady it should be her. Grace then tells Laney she’s going to fill out adoption paperwork herself.

Grace goes in to see one of her clients, Chloe, who is presumably with her partner, Tyrone. However when he uses the bathroom in the birthing suite Chloe’s husband, Brad, comes in. Chloe reveals that Tyrone is hers and Brad’s neighbour and she had a one night stand with Tyrone while Brad was away for work. After initially being told by Dr. Sebastian that she’d have to have a C-Section, despite wanting a natural birth, and after getting Diane’s opinion, which concurs with Grace’s, Chloe naturally gives birth to a healthy boy. While Chloe is giving birth, Tyrone is waiting outside the Birthing Centre, Max tells him that Chloe had a boy. Later, it’s revealed that the baby has a positive blood type while both Chloe and Brad have negative blood types, confirming that Tyrone is the baby’s father. Chloe tells Brad the truth and he angrily leaves the Birthing Centre, however he comes back when Chloe is being discharged, and all three of them go home together.

Meanwhile Sasha and Laney are attending to Jacinta, a walk-in apparently from Brisbane. When inconsistencies in her story appear, Laney has trouble finding her in the system, and Sasha finds an episiotomy scar (despite Jacinta stating she was having her first baby), it is eventually revealed that Jacinta is a drug addict with a High Risk Birth Alert to her name. Laney tells Sasha that Jacinta has been hopping from one hospital to another to prevent getting caught, and that she has already had two other children taken away from her. Jacinta tries to leave the Birthing Centre, however she can’t as she is in labour. When Sasha tries to comfort Jacinta, Jacinta reveals that she didn’t know her boyfriend was a drug dealer and that she’s ditched him for good. However when she does eventually give birth, she turns away from her baby, which leads to Sasha, Laney and Grace immediately turning the baby over to the authorities to be placed in foster care. Sasha breaks down in tears, with Laney comforting her, telling her that they can’t do this job alone.

In regards to the Sophia-adoption story arc, Sophia is informed by Diane of Grace’s adoption plans, as Grace asked Diane to be her reference, and Diane thought Sophia knew about her plans. When Sophia asks Grace for an explanation, Grace tells Sophia that she doesn’t want to lose her, however Sophia tells her this is the wrong way to go about it. Due to this interaction, Kirk also finds out the truth about Grace’s plans. At the end of the episode, Sophia confronts both Kirk and Grace together, pointing out the hypocrisy of both of their adoption plans, and the fact that they tried to execute their plans behind her back and without her consent. Sophia tells them that she wants Eady to grow up in a stable, loving home, with a family that wants her, and asks them to stay away from her until the adoption is finalised.

The episode ends with Kirk and Grace appearing to accept Sophia’s decision, with Kirk admitting to Grace that they weren’t their best selves, and deciding to go back to Goulburn.

Overall I felt this was a solid episode, specifically with a darker more heartbreaking look at motherhood with one mother having a baby as a result of an affair, and another giving up her baby due to her drug addiction history. Up until this episode, while birth complications have been shown, generally each baby born has been to a loving couple who wanted them, and has overall ended happily. The darker and more heartbreaking look provides an even more realistic and complex examination into pregnancy, birth and motherhood. I also appreciated the progression of the Sophia-adoption story arc, specifically Sophia putting Kirk and Grace in their place when they crossed the line without a second thought for both Sophia’s and Eady’s best interests.


Stray Observations:

-Diane had Grace when she was 25 years old and studying medicine.

-Sasha is from Brisbane.

-Sasha is gay.

-Grace’s and Jim’s son, Henry, would have been two years old this year.




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