Upload—Season 1 Finale (Freeyond)

The episode kicks off with the Lakeview residents waking up after the update. Luke is happy that the bagels are now decent and Nora wakes Nathan up, greeting him the same way she greeted him in the pilot.

As Nathan is waking up, his damaged memories, now restored, are playing. It’s revealed that Nathan and Jamie turned down an offer from Oliver to buy their Beyond software, and that Oliver offered Nathan money for a copy of his software, and he accepted to get more money for his family. When Nathan finally wakes up, he doesn’t remember Nora and seems to have reverted back to his selfish attitude that Nora witnessed when she was rendering him in the pilot. Nora leaves her desk and cries in her locker, with Aleesha comforting her.

Nora eventually returns to her desk and starts to view Nathan’s restored memories. She views the memory of Nathan accepting Oliver’s offer. Once she does view the memories, she feigns illness and goes home. Meanwhile Nathan confides in Luke that he actually does remember Nora, as he’s packing up to move down to the 2Gigs floor.

When Nathan gets there, he loses the clothes he brought with him. He also meets another 2Gigs resident who tells him to be careful when using his now limited data. He calls Ingrid, who hangs up on him, he redials and she puts on her VR mask to visit him. He tells her he remembers everything about her and the time they’ve spent together. He also tells her about his restored memories and how disappointed he is in himself and apologises to her. She tells him that she can’t get past how Nathan treated Jamie and felt that he treated her the same way, and says that their relationship won’t work out anyway.

While Nora is talking to Nathan, the suspicious looking man that tried to destroy Nathan’s hard drive in LA, sneaks into her apartment via her open window. When Nora gets an alert that her front door is open, she leaves, however the man is hiding in her shower. When she sees her window is opened higher than it should be, she goes to close it and spots the man in her mirror. She climbs out the window and flees, she asks a police officer for help, but the man stabs the officer. Nathan uses the icon on the phone in his room to call Nora and assist her, by telling her to go into an office building and taking an elevator to the second floor. The man misses Nora’s elevator, using another one, Nathan hacks into its system, asking him who he is and why he’s after him and Nora. The man doesn’t answer and Nathan uses the elevator’s system to kill him. Nathan tells Nora she’s safe from him and she leaves the building as the elevator doors open to show the bloody scene of the man’s death.

Later, the 2Gigs resident visits Nathan again where it’s revealed that he has used nearly all of his data by helping Nora. Meanwhile Nora is recounting the incident with Dave. Nora tells him about Nathan’s betrayal of Jamie, however Dave points out that Nathan saved her life and that Oliver Kannerman isn’t that powerful, implying that someone else more powerful is involved, if not behind Nathan’s murder. Dave suggests to Nora that she goes off the grid until Nathan’s murderer is found. Nora calls Nathan, unaware that his data is running low, and tells him about her discussion with Dave, that she is going into hiding, and that she loves him. However he is unable to respond as his data runs out as he’s listening to her and is frozen, with a tear running down his face.

The next morning, Nora leaves with Byron to go to the Poconos and Ingrid appears in Nathan’s 2Gig room, giving him an extra 1GB of data. When he’s defrosted, she tells him that she has been uploaded so they can be together forever. His angry, one word response causes him to use up the extra 1GB of data straight away. The episode ends with Ingrid yelling out for “tech support” as the light in his room flickers out, putting the room and Ingrid and Nathan into darkness.

The job of a season finale is to close off the current season’s story arcs and establish new arcs for the next season. I feel that Upload only did half the job. None of the current season’s story arcs were closed, in fact this finale left more questions than answers. While I can understand that Nora is upset with Nathan because she believes he ignored her when he actually ran out of data, why did she need Byron to go off the grid with? Who was the suspicious looking man/assassin that was sent after Nathan and Nora? Has Ingrid uploaded herself because she can’t accept the break up or is she really trying to protect Nathan? Who is the second person involved in Nathan’s murder that Ingrid mentioned in the penultimate episode? Is Ingrid going to stay with Nathan in 2Gigs or will she have them upgraded?

Overall I felt that Upload’s first season was mostly well done. The writing was tight with little to no continuity errors, Nathan’s character development was solid, and enough puzzle pieces of the murder mystery were given to the viewers to keep them intrigued and for development within the story arc, but not too many that the viewers are bored and that it’s solved prematurely. Not to mention that the irrelevance of morality in this show’s concept of the afterlife—that the afterlife is a given, there are multiple types of afterlives or Heavens, and that people can chose what kind of afterlife they can have, makes the show unique and provides more possibilities in its writing. My only criticism is that Nathan running out of data during Nora’s phone call was a little predictable (why couldn’t she use her VR mask?) and that Ingrid’s character is inconsistent—she is mostly superficial, however she was unafraid to show her vulnerability to Neveah. She seems determined to control Nathan, yet she was equally determined to protect him, but why wouldn’t she tell him her father and another mystery person was trying to kill him, or was at least after him in the first place?

I’ve enjoyed watching and reviewing Upload and I’m looking forward to watching and reviewing its second season.


Stray Observations:

-Luke tells Nathan he loves him after he gets off the elevator as Nathan is making his way to his 2Gigs room.

-The 2Gigs resident who talks to Nathan and gives him advice on how to manage his data is clearly an old hand, and it’s quite sad that she died so young (at least I’m assuming she’s young, there’s a possibility that she was older and that her teenage self is her avatar).


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