How to Stay Married—Season 2, Episode 7

The penultimate episode of the season focuses on Greg finally finding out that Em has written her book about him.

The episode kicks off with Marlo reading the preview copy of My Sh*t Husband, Marlo encourages Em to tell Greg about it. Em hides the book in a beach bag in their bedroom and asks Greg to have dinner so she can’t talk to him about it. However her plans are hijacked when Greg meets a new stay-at-home dad at school, Carlos, who invites him and Em over for dinner, after spending the day together.

Greg and Em go over to Carlo’s house, where they meet his wife, Martina, with the beach bag. Em at first tries to take it from Greg without success, as he hands it to Martina to put it away. She then puts the bag down on the floor and Em tries to put it elsewhere, only for Martina to see the book and ask her about it. Em lies, saying it’s a surprise for Greg’s birthday the next day.

Em thinks she’s home free only for Martina and Carlos to surprise Greg with a birthday tart and song nearby the pool. As Martina is just about to spill the beans, Em pushes her into the pool. Later, the episode cuts to Greg and Em coming home, with Greg clearly pissed off at Em. Em goes over to see Marlo, and reveals that despite those events, Greg still doesn’t know about the book. As they are talking, in the background, the viewers can see Greg doesn’t have the house keys and goes back to the car to get the beach bag to get them, and goes inside in the house. When Em and Marlo finish talking, Em finds the car boot empty and desperately searches for the beach bag. When she goes inside, she discovers that Greg has found the book and he is understandably upset, grabbing a pillow and choosing to sleep on the couch and read it.

Meanwhile, Sophie encourages Greg and Em to go out for dinner so she and Ravi can spend time together alone. When Sophie calls Ravi to invite him over, Chloe overhears their conversation, and blackmails Sophie into giving the TV to herself without parental controls and her Humpty Dumpty Easter egg. Sophie agrees, however when Ravi comes over, he chooses to play in a fort with Chloe. When Sophie expresses her frustration to Chloe, Chloe reminds her that playing together was Ravi’s idea. When Sophie goes to her  room in frustration to do her homework, Ravi tells her that his grandmother is sick and his mother wants him to come home, and it didn’t feel right for him to start a relationship with her if he has to leave.

On a smaller note, Terry finally comes home from his walk and Marlo is keen for them to hook up, only for Terry to turn her down as he is knackered.

Overall I felt this was a solid episode as the tension of when Greg would find out about the book and Em trying (but not really) to tell him about it was played out beautifully. I also liked the writers’ choice to make Em an unlikeable character in this episode, as she is really just making excuses as to why she hasn’t told him yet, when she has had plenty of time and opportunities to. I also enjoyed the Sophie and Ravi subplot, which I felt was sweet and realistic.



Stray Observations:

-Ravi’s unexplained fascination of police horses is present throughout the episode.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “It’s my experience that difficult and soul destroying news is best delivered hard and fast.” (Marlo to Em)
  • “You’ve got to do this before Tez gets home as well, because once that glorious beast pikes through that door, I’m going to be immersed in a cocoon of love making so passionately intense, that I’m not going to have a spare second to be giving you this excellent advice.” (Marlo to Em)
  • “I can’t wait to kiss your pomegranate lips and touch your almost golden hair.” (Ravi to Sophie)
  • “You’re not allowed to leave this couch for anything.” “If a serial killer comes in, am I allowed to knock on the door to warn you?” “Sure, but wouldn’t he kill you first?” “No, depends on his M.O.” (Sophie-Chloe interaction on the latter staying out of the bedroom)
  • “We’re building a serial killer’s house, Ravi wants Detective Horse to capture him.” (Chloe describing the game her and Ravi are playing to Sophie)


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