TV Week 2020 Previews

I’m carrying on my annual tradition with this blog post—buying the previews edition of the TV Week and blogging about what shows look good to watch this year (and that I’ll possibly review).

Harrow‘s impending third season was only given a paragraph this year. According to TV Week, the third season “sees the forensic pathologist gain a son—maybe. A young man claims Harrow is his dad, then turns up dead. This paragraph only told viewers what happened in the final moments of the season 2 finale. Despite this, I’m looking forward to seeing where this story arc goes.

The Five Bedrooms preview wasn’t actually a preview at all, merely a few paragraphs summarising what happened in the first season and to “expect all the feels to be dialled up once more in season two.” I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with the gang now that their house has sold despite changing their minds at the last minute, and with Ainsley’s pregnancy.

The Doctor Doctor preview is given a solid amount of space, reminding viewers that the second half of the third season had Hugh’s ex-wife, Harriet, return and tell him that she was carrying his child, as well as Penny giving Hugh an ultimatum to stay in Whyhope for good and give their relationship a chance or leave for good. In my review of the season 3 finale, I wrote that there were a lot of loose ends that weren’t tied up, however the preview does actually give a preview of what’s to come.

Corser states in the preview that Hayley becomes a shoulder for Hugh to lean on as he is adjusting to single fatherhood. I feel that they will be an unlikely pair that will both be entertaining and heartwarming to watch. The preview also states that Hugh will be fighting for his career without his colleagues picking up the slack this time. The preview also focuses on April’s proposal to Matt still hanging in the air and the fact that Charlie is bound to come back, so it will be interesting to see how the love triangle between them will pan out. Also Meryl decides to focus on the impending local election, and Ajax and Hayley make a “brave decision for themselves”, what that decision is remains to be seen.

One show I was pleasantly surprised to see renewed was How to Stay Married. In my review of its season 1 finale, I wrote that I felt it wasn’t as good a show as I thought it would be—it has a promising premise, but it was poorly executed. I still feel that way, but I hope the second season shows improvement. I’ll only find out when I start reviewing it. All the preview says about it is to “expect a few changes as the Butler kids come crashing into teenagehood.”

One show I haven’t yet reviewed but have seen is Rosehaven, an ABC comedy-drama about best friends, Emma and Daniel, who find themselves moving back to Rosehaven after a long absence, navigating life and the eccentricities of the small Tasmanian town, whilst working in Daniel’s mother’s real estate business. This year their fourth season will air, with the previews issue revealing that the future of the show was uncertain when the season 3 finale aired.

New shows that show potential are RFDS, Informer 3838, and Fam Time.

RFDS revolves around the lives of fictional characters in the real Royal Flying Doctor Service. The preview states that RFDS follows “the doctors, nurses, pilots and support staff as they navigate their turbulent personal lives and the risky emergencies on the job in the Northern Territory.” The show will star Steven Peacocke, Justine Clarke and Rob Collins. Although the show has been likened to popular series such as All Saints and Rescue: Special Ops, however it would be safe to see this a modern take or revamp of its predecessor, The Flying Doctors, which aired in the 80s and 90s.

Informer 3838 is a drama based on “Lawyer X”, Nicola Gobbo (who will be portrayed by Ella Scott Lynch). Lynch told TV Week that we, the viewers, have to remember that it is not a documentary, it is a fictional story based on real people. She also stated that every character in the show believed they were doing the right thing. It will be interesting to see how this concept is played out in the show.

Fam Time‘s potential can be found in its relatable premise—a family of screen addicts. However I have the same concern with this show as I did with How to Stay Married—that the promising premise will be poorly executed. For starters, the family of the show is very Modern Family-esque, with a stepdaughter, adopted daughter and a second husband, which isn’t bad in itself but I feel it could be hard for viewers to keep up, and its modernity may be shoved down the viewers’ throats.

The preview says that the show will begin with the mother of the family, Belinda, planning to live stream the funeral of a great-aunt who just died—I believe this opening scene will either put off potential viewers or make them laugh, depending on their age and which generation they are categorised under. The preview also states that Fam Time is an “old school family sitcom set in a whole new world”, it will be interesting to find out what this means, my first assumption about the series was that it would be about the family giving up their screens, however the preview doesn’t state whether this is part of the premise or not.

Overall I’m looking forward to seeing and reviewing new seasons of my favourite shows and shows that I’ve reviewed, as well as checking out new ones, both new ones listed in this post and ones I haven’t come across yet. Stay tuned.

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