Playing For Keeps—Season 2, Episode 3

This episode had a lot of twists and turns and is starting to foreshadow trouble that will clearly happen down the road.

Kath—Kath is starting to feel the pressures of being President with the first game of the season. John, who is still on the Board, is clearly sexist and dismissive of her ideas, but actually has nothing to contribute himself. She feels extra pressure from Jessie, when she asks Kath to launch a women’s team for the Southern Jets, which ultimately leads to conflict between them when Kath can’t deliver, despite them seeing eye to eye on it.

Their conflict ultimately reaches a head when Jessie confronts Kath at the end of the first game. Kath tries to tell Jessie that she doesn’t understand the pressure on her, which is a valid point, and Jessie unfairly tells her she is just like Andrew. When they meet for coffee the next day, they apologise to each other, but both stand their ground. Jessie tells Kath that “it isn’t over”, and Kath says she knows and tells her to do what she needs to do. One of the many clever twists in this episode was Jessie calling her Eastern Dragons friend, Edwards, to decline her offer to join the club as she will be starting the Southern Jets women’s team.

Meanwhile throughout the episode, Kath is receiving updates and encouragement from Brian.

Overall I felt Kath’s subplot was one that had to happen and was dealt with in a realistic manner. A highlight for me was when the conflict between her and Jessie came to end in an unexpected but healthy manner.

Jessie—Since I’ve just spoken about Kath and her conflict with Jessie over a potential Southern Jets women’s team, I felt it was fitting to continue this review by talking about Jessie. Jessie is now well into her training regime with a friend on the Eastern Dragons women’s team, Edwards. Edwards offers her the chance to train with and eventually join the team, something Rusty is against as it is “sleeping with the enemy”. Despite the temptation to join the club, which is present throughout the episode and enhanced by Kath’s inability to start a Southern Jets women’s team, Jessie takes it upon herself to start a women’s team for the club.

Overall I felt this was the best ending for her subplot, and I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes and to see Jessie with a focus outside of her family.

Maddy—This episode provides an insight into how Maddy balances her personal and professional lives. Her and Trav are struggling slightly but are still making their new roles and lives work (even if her children don’t like her cooking and are impatience when it comes to getting their breakfast). This episode also marks the first appearance of her office, and a friend of hers from her law school days, Oliver Jensen. Throughout the episode, there is sexual tension present, especially as Oliver clearly likes Maddy, and Maddy seems tempted, however she doesn’t act on it.

Although Maddy invites John to game day and she says he’s not a fan of footy, he is clearly getting involved somehow, as shown by telling a unknown person on the phone that “he’s in”, after he was seen mingling with John on game day.

Oliver is clearly going to cause trouble for both Maddy and the club, and I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of trouble that will be.

Overall while Maddy’s subplot was minor in comparison to Kath and Jessie’s, I liked the exploration into Maddy’s life—both personal and professional.

Tahlia—Tahlia’s subplot was as compelling as Kath’s and Jessie’s, and did consist of similarities with Jessie’s. Both Jessie and Tahlia have career dreams albeit different ones. Tahlia’s dream is to launch her own swimwear line, which seems to be hitting a snag as the public want Tahlia to model the swimwear line, not own and promote it.

When Tahlia wants to use the house as leverage to fund the swimwear line, she discovers that there is a caveat on the Deed—she can’t do anything to it or with it until her and Connor’s divorce is finalised. She goes to see Diane to convince her to get rid of the caveat but Diane refuses.

When Tahlia outlines her plan with Diane the first time, Diane suggests to her that she study business and commerce whilst she waits for the divorce to be finalised, however Tahlia shuts this down. When Tahlia provides Diane with specifics on her plans, Diane tells her she wants to invest, but Tahlia laughs this off.

Later, Tahlia meets Connor’s new girlfriend, Annabelle, who lets Tahlia know in an obvious but not nasty way that she isn’t one to be messed with.

Later Tahlia agrees to have Diane as a silent partner, and they negotiate a deal they ultimately agree on. I’m looking forward to seeing where Tahlia’s swimwear line goes, and how Tahlia and Diane will make their business relationship work.

Paige—There actually wasn’t much of a focus on Paige, if anything she was more in the background. Paige’s subplot revolved around whether to take things to the next level with Brody. They end up going on a date which becomes awkward as the first game of the season plays nearby, making it feel like Dan is on their date with them.

Although they are resistant to admitting how awkward things are, they ignore the subject until the end of the date, which ultimately clears the air for them to take things to the next level and hook up.

Overall I felt Paige’s subplot was a little underwhelming due to its predictability, however I am looking forward to seeing where it goes.


Stray Observations:

-At the beginning of the episode, the ladies are at the premiere of the film, Ride Like A Girl.

-A month has passed since the events of the previous episode.

-Dan is living with Liam.

-Kendall and Liam have broken up.

-The name of Tahlia’s swimwear line is Coco Beam, which is revealed to be the nickname her mother has given her.

-This episode revolved around the first game of the season, the Jets ended up winning.

-Annabelle’s a doctor who is specialised in orthopaedics. She operated on Connor’s knee and knows about Tahlia’s issues with her swimwear line and Diane.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “You’re adorable when you do understatements.” (Maddy to Jessie)
  • “So, tomorrow?” “I’m familiar with it.” (Brody-Paige)
  • “I haven’t told Dan yet, I’m waiting for things to be serious before I do.” “Sounds like a whole lot of admin to me.” (Paige-Tahlia)
  • “Can you believe I became a barrister?” “Well it was either that or professional alcoholic.” “I tried, they wouldn’t have me.” (Oliver-Maddy-Oliver)
  • “Unless I decide to streak across the field, he won’t even notice I’m there.” (Paige to Brody on the possibility of Dan noticing her absence from the game)
  • “Can I tempt you with breakfast?” “Unlikely” (Maddy-her children)
  • “How’s mum life?” “Deeply fulfilling and completely exhausting.” (Oliver-Maddy)
  • “How do I look?” “Insane as always.” (Tahlia-Paige)
  • “Get out!” “It’s my house!” “Not according to Diane.” (Paige-Tahlia-Paige when Tahlia comes into Paige’s room after she hooked up with Brody)
  • “Should we shake?” “We sure as shit ain’t going to hug.” (Diane-Tahlia)
  • “So….how did it go?” (Tahlia to Paige and Brody after they hooked up)




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