My Life Is Murder—Season 1, Episode 6 (Another Bloody Podcast)

This episode hits the trifecta of life events with the birth of a baby, an outrageous moment at a wedding reception and of course, death in the case of the week.

The episode kicks off with Alexa struggling to sleep and dealing with her insomnia by making bread, gaming and eventually listening to an anonymous podcast on an unsolved murder case. Kieran gives her the details of the case—Zac Morgan, he was his brother’s best man when his boyfriend showed up drunk and uninvited at the wedding reception, outing Zac to his whole family. Zac’s neighbour heard them arguing, and eventually found Zac dead, due to blunt force trauma on his head, with a red mark on his forehead.

Alexa asks Madison to track the podcaster. She then goes to speak with Zac’s brother, Sam, at the café. Sam begged him to come out to their family and thinks that his boyfriend, Tony Riles, killed him. While Alexa is in the process of tracking down the podcaster, she also finds that Tony went on a dating site and was talking to a man named Andre, which makes it look like Tony was cheating on Zac. Alexa goes to see Tony, and he denies killing him and says that they loved each other, and Zac proposed.

While Alexa goes to see her doctor to get sleeping pills for her insomnia, another episode of the podcast is uploaded and she listens to it, and realises the podcaster was at the wedding. She then goes to see Sam’s wife, Cara, who’s pregnant. Cara shows Alexa the footage of the wedding reception, which shows Sam’s cousin, Gilbert, force Tony out of there.  Meanwhile Madison discovers that Andre doesn’t exist and Tony was catfished.

Alexa listens to the podcast again and realises who the podcaster is, and asks Madison about voice recognition software. Alexa goes back to see Cara and tells her she knows she is the podcaster, as she was the only person who would have known exactly how many people were there, which included two late additions. Cara was able to manipulate her voice electronically as she is a software engineer, she also tells Alexa that Sam was catfishing Tony, in an effort to prove to Zac that Tony wasn’t good for him.

Later when Alexa goes to see Cara again, her waters break and she takes her to the hospital. While Alexa is with her, Madison texts her and reveals Sam’s wedding ring had the same logo in Zac’s head wound, and that Sam melted the lost wedding rings down. When Sam arrives after his son is born, Alexa tells him she knows he killed Zac. He asks her not to talk about it now and Alexa waits for him outside Cara’s room.

After having a moment with Cara and their son, Sam comes out, and Alexa reveals to the viewers that Sam went to Zac’s house to get the rings. Sam told Zac about what he did to Tony, but instead of being happy about it, Zac was furious and punched Sam. Sam returned the punch, which led to Zac hitting his head on the pavement. Sam saw Zac was badly hurt, but then thought he was fine when Zac got up and walked away, not knowing that Zac collapsed and died moments after he walked away. Sam breaks down and the police arrest him.

The episode ends with Alexa once again dealing with her insomnia by gaming.

Overall this was a solid episode, especially as it was the first case of the week that was an accidental death/manslaughter and not murder. I also enjoyed the running gag of Alexa’s insomnia and Madison’s cakes.

It will be interesting to see if there will be any more accidental deaths in the remaining episodes.


Stray Observations:

Love Child alumni Ryan Corr and Andy Ryan appeared in this episode.

-When Alexa called Madison, despite her trying to lie, Alexa figured out straight away Madison was at the beach instead of work.

-Kieran’s children, Mike and Dom, appear on screen for the first time. It’s also revealed that Kieran’s wife’s name is Pippa and they are clearly struggling with their marriage as Kieran is in the middle of a phone session with a marriage counsellor when Alexa calls, Madison notices Kieran isn’t wearing his wedding ring anymore, and they have separated.

-Madison was eating delicious cakes that she loved so much that she sent some to Alexa, who also ended up loving them.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Can you get us there alive?” “Yeah, I use to do pursuits!” (Cara-Alexa when Cara’s waters break and Alexa is about to drive her to the hospital)


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