Mr Black–Season 1, Episode 7 + Season 1 Finale

As the final two episodes of the season were aired at the same time, I’m going to review them both in one post.

Episode 7 revolves around the discovery that Finn apparently has a son.

Episode 7 kicks off with Mr Black arguing with his doctor over how to manage his ankylosing spondylitis and leaving the doctor’s office only to be hit by another man riding a scooter. The episode then cuts to Mr Black back home in a neck brace, with a woman named Greta showing up at the house to tell Finn he has a son.

Greta tells Finn that she didn’t tell him about her son, Bacardi, as she didn’t want to ruin his life. She also invites him to meet Bacardi at a cafe, which Finn does, unaware that Mr Black has followed him on his scooter and taken pictures. Mr Black (with the help of Malcolm) writes an email to Finn with the photos from Angela’s account. Surprisingly, Finn believes Angela sent the email, admits to the one night stand to Mr Black and leaves.

Although Mr Black rejoices in Finn’s departure and thinking his plan works, Angela reveals he didn’t win as she got a notification and a copy of the photo as it was saved to the Cloud. Angela reassures Finn that she’ll be there for him and asks him if he’s sure Bacardi is his son. They go to see Greta and Bacardi, and Angela finds a photo of Greta and Bacardi with another man. Angela finds out by doing an image search on the photo that Greta is married and her husband met Greta shortly after hers and Finn’s one night stand, and she left him when he lost his job. While everything is cleared up, randomly, Greta’s friend, Simone, shows up at the house, also a one night stand of Finn’s, with her own son, Evian, who also looks like Finn. It’s later revealed that Evian is not Finn’s son either.

Overall I felt Episode 7 was the weakest episode of the season as the story was unrealistic and it blatantly pointed out the strong flaws in Finn’s character, specifically his unquestioning gullibility.

The Season Finale gets off to an amusing start with Finn being pranked by Mr Black in a large teddy bear costume while he is on the phone to Angela ranting about his Uber rating going down. The episode then changes pace to focus on Mr Black introducing Finn to a woman named, Julia, that used to work as a cartoonist at The Post, who is now a famous portrait artist.

Julia and Finn hit it off and Julia offers to paint a portrait of him, however she only paints nudes. Although Finn is nervous, he goes along with it and Mr Black is on Skype call with Angela, making sure she sees what’s going on in the background. Although Angela finds it weird, she doesn’t start to lose faith in Finn until she interviews a body language expert for a story she’s working on at The Post.

Angela resorts to buying a security camera to spy on Finn (the same one Mr Black bought), which he finds and turns off. Afterwards, he and Julia disappear, however Angela sees Julia leave from the backyard. Angela later finds Finn playing the guitar in the garage and he rightly calls her out for not trusting him and tells her they would be engaged if it weren’t for her need to have Mr Black’s blessing. He also tells her that Julia painted another portrait of him, which is of him on one knee proposes. He then proposes, with his grandmother’s ring, and Mr Black storms in begging Angela not to say yes, (although politely) and she says yes. He walks off telling them not to expect him to dish out a lot for the wedding, however the episode ends with him posing nude in front of a half-dressed Julia saying that he’s got a wedding to pay for.

Overall I felt the finale was hilarious but solid as Finn was truly tested and ultimately passed, and finally proposed to Angela. Although Mr Black isn’t too happy, he reluctantly accepts the news and Finn, something which has been consistent throughout the season.

Overall I felt the first season of the show was rocky, but eventually found its stride. It’s not the best Australian show I’ve come across, but in all honesty it does have potential and I would prefer to see more Australian shows on air then more reality TV. I’ve enjoyed reviewing this season and I hope there is a second one, that being said if it isn’t renewed, it did end on a good note.


Stray Observations:

-Greta apparently named her son Bacardi as she was drinking it the night he was conceived.

-Malcolm keeps a party popper in his pocket in case there’s good news.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “We’ve been through this, ankylosing spondylitis is not a death sentence.” (Mr Black’s doctor to Mr Black)
  • “Yoga is for wankers!” “Pilates?” “Is for wankers who don’t like to stretch!” (Mr Black’s doctor and Mr Black on the former’s suggestions to the latter on dealing with his condition)
  • “Three of my patients have reported being hit by a scooter.” “Only three? I’ve got to get my average up!” (Mr Black’s doctor-Mr Black)
  • “Seeing you two together is like seeing a fat man in a sushi restaurant…it makes no sense.” (Mr Black to Angela and Finn)
  • “Curious to see where you draw the moral line…we’re using her computer and sending an email from her account.” (Malcolm to Mr Black when Mr Black objects to reading Angela’s emails)
  • “That’s the best thing we’ve co-written since we busted Warnie with those strippers and a blow-up doll.” (Mr Black to Malcolm on the email they sent Finn from Angela’s email account)
  • “I can’t believe you thought it was me, it looks like an old man Googled ‘what words young people use’ and threw them all in the email.” (Angela to Finn on the email)
  • “He’s just like me, overly sensitive and with no hand-eye coordination.” (Finn to Angela on Bacardi)
  • “You think that working on a surveillance story is a good idea and then you put your partner under surveillance and you find out he is having an affair with a Vodafone rep.” “My partner would never cheat on me.” “And I’m with Telstra” (Daina-Angela-Jess)
  • “I’m giving Finn the lowdown on posing nude, I’ve done it many times myself.” (Malcolm to Mr Black while he is spray tanning Finn)
  • “Don’t forget to spray tan his doodle.” “That’s the first thing we did, why do you think it’s taken so long.” (Mr Black-Malcolm on spray tanning Finn)
  • “Malcolm’s a friend of mine and look how he turned out…a Finn sympathiser.” (Mr Black to Angela)
  • “Why do you have a security camera in your bag?” “How do you know I have a security camera?” “I saw it on my security camera.” (Mr Black-Angela-Mr Black)
  • He passed all the previous tests your previous boyfriends tripped up on, plus tests specifically for him that I thought he wouldn’t survive.” “He did so well.” (Mr Black and Angela on Finn)


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