Mr Black–Season 1, Episode 6

This episode revolves around Mr Black and Finn teaming up to break up Rowena and her fiance, Barry’s, relationship as Mr Black wants Rowena back.

The episode kicks off with Angela and Finn in bed comparing their IQ scores, with Angela’s score turning out to be higher than Finn’s, unaware that Mr Black is eavesdropping in the hallway, on the other side of their bedroom door. Finn jokingly suggests to Angela that they get married so Mr Black can’t use his lower IQ score against him, when Angela calls him out, Finn attempts to propose, only for Angela to stop him and ask him to get Mr Black’s blessing first.

Meanwhile, Rowena is coming for a visit and Mr Black wants her back now that he has seen a photo of her on Facebook with another man. His strategy involves spray tanning himself (with the help of Malcolm) with a tan that smells of warm vanilla. However Rowena arrives with her fiance, Barry, who is also spray tanned. After everyone goes inside the house when Rowena and Barry arrive, Mr Black talks to Finn quietly to ask for his help, Finn refuses however he gives in when Mr Black agrees to give him his blessing to marry Angela, if he’s successful with helping him split up Rowena and Barry.

Mr Black’s and Finn’s efforts to split Rowena and Barry up mainly revolve around tips they found on Google, which of course don’t work. In a twist of fate, while waiting for him to show up at dinner, Finn goes to get Barry, only to find him dead on the bed in the guest room. Finn calls for Mr Black’s assistance, but of course he’s no help, with Rowena and Angela coming into the room to find out for themselves.

The episode ends with Mr Black not giving Finn his blessing as he didn’t fulfil his end of the bargain, however Mr Black does tell Finn he is on the right path to getting his blessing but how long and rough that path is, is yet to be seen.

Overall I thought this was a hilarious episode, with a great twist, and an ending which shows growth in Mr Black and Finn’s fledgling father-son like relationship.


Stray Observations:

-Mr Black’s search history:

  • How to break up a couple
  • How to break up your daughter’s relationship
  • How to spell ankylosing spondylitis
  • How to get your wife back
  • How to hire a hit man

-Finn and Angela have been together for a year now, which means four months have passed since the events in the pilot.

-Barry’s IQ is 111, which is apparently why he is in real estate.

-The house Angela, Finn and Mr Black live in is Rowena’s parents’ house.

-Malcolm is gay.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “My first words were ‘Gallipoli, 1919.'” (Angela to Finn)
  • “You want me to spray your doodle?” “It would be weird if you didn’t wouldn’t it?” (Malcolm-Mr Black on Malcolm spray tanning Mr Black)
  • “Invite trouble via misinformation.” “You’re good at that.” “Fake incriminating evidence.” “Another one of your specialities.” “Thank you.” (Mr Black-Finn-Mr Black-Finn-Mr Black going back and forth while Mr Black is reading out Google’s tips on how to break up a couple)
  • “Unusual combination of humans!” (Rowena to Mr Black and Finn when she sees them sitting in a room together)
  • “Well if it’ll help you change your mind, Malcolm spray tanned my doodle.” (Mr Black to Rowena on her telling him she doesn’t want him back)
  • “Stop piss phoning around!” (Mr Black to Finn)
  • “I was a terrible husband.” “Yeah…no!” (Mr Black-Barry)
  • “Joke’s on you, there’s no staples left…and I can see your balls!” (Mr Black to Barry after their fight, which involved Barry’s shower towel coming off his body)
  • “If I had known you’d found love I never would have given Peter a spray tan.” (Malcolm to Rowena)


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