Charmed (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 19 (Source Material)

This episode kicks off pretty much where the previous episode left off.

Macy uses the needle left by Elder Bari so the sisters can see what happened prior to Mel and Niko’s arrival at the tattoo shop. Fiona, accompanied by a captive Harry, murders her former coven as she believes they are using her. Harry tries to stop her, but she doesn’t listen and reveals that she is keeping Harry captive via a magical collar that she uses to control and torture him. Now that they know Harry is alive and exactly what’s happening with him, they tell Tessa and put a tracker on her.

Meanwhile Charity is now a reluctant participant in Alastair’s plans, as he is forcing her to help him raise the Source and sends her on a rescue mission to Tartarus under the ruse of turning herself in.

Meanwhile at the lab things are tense between Galvin and Macy since their break-up and Macy tells Dr Julia that they split up as he’s scared of her demon side. Dr Julia suggests taking a serum similar to Parker’s, which has almost rid him of his demon side, but Macy says she can control it.

While Mel is tracking Tessa, Niko surprises her and bombards her with questions about the S’Arcana and the tattoo parlour, which has been magically cleaned out. Mel is reluctant to give Niko any information, until she discovers that Tessa has found out about and disposed of the tracker, and accepts Niko’s offer of help.

Meanwhile, Dr Julia gives Parker the last dose of serum to make him fully human. However it goes wrong when his body rejects, having a seizure with his demon form attempting to surface. When Dr Julia tries to intervene, Parker throws her through a glass wall, seriously injuring her and appearing to have killed her. Shortly after, Macy comes into the lab but doesn’t find Dr Julia there, instead she finds the broken syringe on the floor. As she’s searching for answers, Galvin comes in and she tells him that something’s wrong but he dismisses her. Macy eventually finds Dr Julia’s badge and Galvin tells her that Dr Julia’s car is still in the parking lot, they go to her car and find her bound, gagged and dead in the trunk. Galvin wants to call the police but as her death would be demonic, she tells him she needs to handle it.

As Galvin and Macy find Dr Julia, Mel and Niko are on their way to the college campus as it’s revealed Tessa’s cover is an RA. They run into Maggie who is surprising Parker. When Maggie arrives at Parker’s dorm, she finds it completely empty. Maggie goes back to the manor to tell Macy and she informs her of Dr Julia’s death, and that the syringe contained demon plasma not the serum. Macy tells Maggie to find Parker and that she’ll use Elder Bari’s needle to figure out what happened.

Meanwhile, Niko and Mel are going through Tessa’s room when Tessa is about to walk in the door, which forces them to hide in her closet. Tessa finally gets a location on Harry and Mel casts a stronger tracking on Tessa where she can orb after her, which leaves Niko alone in the closet. Mel and Niko arrive at a crypt where they find Fiona and a captive Harry going through coffins in search for the Origin Dagger, which controls the Sacred Flame. Fiona reveals to Harry that she plans to use the Dagger to destroy magic as it ruined her life.

Meanwhile Macy uses the needle to see what happened at lab where it’s revealed that Hunter posed as Dr Julia and kept the real Dr Julia hostage in the closet while injecting him with the demon plasma, and later killing Dr Julia after Parker runs away. A devastated Parker meets with Maggie to tell her that he accidentally killed his mother and she is scared of him and doesn’t support him. Parker leaves, thinking he has nobody left due to the way Maggie reacted, however it’s revealed Hunter is posing as Maggie.

Meanwhile, Tessa is about to leave the crypt to go to the Elders when Mel lets her know that she’s been following her and tells her that her and her sisters need to fight. Tessa agrees and they all confront Fiona, only for Fiona to instantly kill Tessa. Fiona tries to force Harry to kill the sisters, however Maggie uses her powers to get through time and Mel breaks the spell that’s keeping him captive. Fiona tries to kill the sisters herself but fails when they use the Power of Three to fend her off and she flees. As this is happening, Alastair discovers that both he and Fiona are after the Dagger.

Back at the manor, the sisters and Harry perform a magical funeral of sorts for Tessa. With the Vortex Viribus restoring his powers and being set free from Fiona, Harry is now an independent Whitelighter, but Harry tells the sisters he will be staying as their Whitelighter. When Harry talks about Fiona’s plan to destroy magic, the sisters point out that Fiona’s search for the Sacred Flame brought out the blossoming of death, which part of the prophecy connected to the Source, which makes them realise the Sacred Flame and the Source are the same thing.

The next day, Harry reveals he’s covered up Dr Julia’s murder when Macy gets an email from work saying she died of a heart attack. Macy also mentions that she’ll be using her Evil Sight more often, which concerns the sisters and Harry. Harry tries to warn her about the dangers of using it too often, however she tells him she has it under control.

When Macy goes to work, she talks to Galvin about the cover up and he tells her he took a job with Doctors Without Borders and that he can’t compartmentalise what happened. Meanwhile Niko tells Mel that she had a nervous breakdown two years ago and that’s how her life changed and now that she knows about magic, she think that may be behind it. Due to the danger of the Source/Origin Dagger, Mel gives Niko a ring to protect her from all magic and proves to her it works by using her freezing power and that it doesn’t work on Niko anymore.

Meanwhile, Maggie gets a letter from Parker saying goodbye and talks about their last conversation, and Maggie says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The sisters realise Hunter shapeshifted into her, however the revelation comes too late, Parker has gone to Alastair, and Alastair stabs him with the Origin Dagger, having finally found it, making him the host for the Source.

Overall this was a captivating episode, especially with the twist reveal that Hunter has been freed from Tartarus by Charity, and is shapeshifting into whomever he needs to, to get to Parker. I also liked the reveal that the Sacred Flame and the Source are the same thing and all magic gets its powers from the same source.

The pieces are finally starting to come together for what I’m sure will be explosive finale.


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