Speechless–Season 2, Episode 17 (A-C–Action!)

The episode kicks off with the family quickly trying to hide Pepper (a lease violation) as the landlord has arrived for the new lease, although their efforts go to waste when Maya hands him the signed lease, he tells them to enjoy another year and leaves.

The episode cuts to Dylan telling the family she has interview a family member for her journalism project and asks Maya for her grandpa’s number. Jimmy tells Dylan that Maya hasn’t spoken to her father in 20 years, and Maya reveals that this is due to the fact that her father didn’t approve of Jimmy. Although Dylan initially displays a lack of interest in Maya as a subject, she finds what she thinks is Jimmy and Maya’s wedding video and it appears Maya was married to someone else. With the show never shying away from showing the love between Jimmy and Maya, it seems out of character to have had Maya be married before Jimmy, however this appears to be the case when Maya hides the tape and goes to a lot of effort to hide the truth from Dylan. It’s revealed later that the video was of Maya’s father wedding and Maya didn’t approve. Because she didn’t approve, she chose to react immaturely, wearing a wedding dress, getting drunk and embarrassing herself and her father. Maya admits she’s tried to apologise for years and hasn’t heard back.

Overall I found this story to be a little silly, especially when Maya came across as a psycho when trying to hide the truth from Dylan, however I did appreciate the character development with Maya.

Meanwhile JJ has won a contest with his script in his film class and his prize is to make the film. When Mr Powers and the students buy JJ new and accessible equipment so he can make his film, he feels pressure to succeed, even more so when he tries to please everyone by giving into their suggestions. When JJ admits the pressure he feels to succeed, Kenneth gives him a pep talk, and he goes on to direct the film he wants, which everyone loves, and Mr Powers walks out of because it’s too scary. Overall I enjoyed this subplot due to how relatable it is.

Meanwhile there is construction work going on at the DiMeo’s neighbouring property. When Maya asks Jimmy to talk to Eddie to keep it down, Eddie apologises and Jimmy looks over his plans and gives him suggestions. Eddie loves the plans and wants Jimmy to help, however this backfires as Eddie talks to the landlord and the landlord agrees to sell the DiMeo home to Eddie as he finally discovers Pepper in the backyard. I enjoyed the final twist at the end of this subplot, and how the landlord’s discovery of Pepper and the final moments of the episode provide a perfect bookend to the beginning.

Overall this was a mostly enjoyable episode and I’m looking forward to seeing how the DiMeos get themselves out of the eviction situation.


Stray Observations:

-Pepper somehow managed to lock Dylan in the bathroom.

Best one liners and interactions:

  • “We covered all the holes with bad art and creative furniture placement.” (Jimmy to Maya on the house)
  • “Mom, what’s grandpa’s number?” “Dylan, your mother hasn’t spoken to her father in 20 years.” “Fine, I’ll just interview the dog then.” (Dylan-Jimmy-Dylan)
  • “People said I was the most unremarkable groom they’ve ever seen.” (Jimmy to Dylan)
  • “I never thought I’d say this but I love you more than Eddie.” (Jimmy to Maya)


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