Charmed (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 13 (Manic Pixie Nightmare)

This episode kicks off with a man live streaming a date with his girlfriend, who seems to be demonic, and encourages him to jump off a building and into a river. It cuts to Parker informing Maggie of the man’s death, asking her to look into it as it seems to be of a demonic nature, and Harry conceding Parker may be right about it.

The sisters investigate the man’s death, as well as a car accident of Noah, who viewed and took screenshots of the live stream. While at first, Harry thought a hobgoblin might be behind it, they later discover Chloe, a pixie in human form is the culprit. However Harry states this is odd as pixies are usually kind and benevolent creatures. Harry and the sisters try to get to the bottom of the issue using a “Pixionary”, which presents the sisters with whimsy with every page turn, including but not limited to: butterflies flying out of the pages, fireworks, making Harry sing, and even a 3D miniature version of a pixie trap, which comes in handy later.

Maggie ends up discovering that the pixie is targeting students in a specific film class at the college, Parker included. Maggie manages to save Parker from Chloe’s influence. While the sisters manage to trap Chloe, she manages to hypnotise Harry and uses him to escape the trap with the Book of Shadows, to the person who stole her heart. The sisters realise a pixie’s heart is external and in the form of an acorn, which was seen around another student, Zack’s, neck in the form of a necklace which Mel dismissed as tasteless man jewellery. Zack has been using Chloe to dispose of his classmates so he can improve his film career. After a back-and-forth chase between Maggie, Parker and Harry, as well as Chloe and Macy, Maggie manages to use her telepathy to snap Harry out of the hypnotism and Mel manages to get Chloe’s heart from Zack and return it to her.

Chloe feels awful about killing the students, however the sisters reassure her it wasn’t her fault and suggest she consult with the other pixies to find a way to hide their hearts so this doesn’t happen again. Afterwards Mel casts a S’Arcana hex on Zack which compels him to turn himself in, this shocks Maggie and Macy as hexes are illegal.

Overall I found that the A story was solid and that the whimsical elements provided great comedic moments, which was a nice change from the usual darker elements that the series is known for.

On smaller notes, Jada informs Mel that Niko called her and that her adopted parents want to reunite with her. She invites Mel to come along, which shows progression in their relationship, however at the end of the episode, witch hunters ambush them and attack Jada with bows and arrows. Why Jada is being hunted is yet to be revealed. Also, Galvin suggests going to Mama Ross for help in regards to Macy’s darkness. Mama Ross invokes Galvin’s grandmother’s spirit who reveals the ibi is in Macy and sends Galvin to the astral plane and she tells him he must learn how to perform an extreme cleansing ritual to get it out of her. Similarly to the Jada subplot, what the ritual is and what it means for everyone remains to be seen.

Also, Maggie forgives Parker and gets back together with him and Galvin tells Macy he loves her, showing progression in the other sisters’ love lives.


Stray Observations:

-I don’t understand why Harry didn’t use his own protection potion to protect himself from Chloe’s pixie influence.


Best one liners:

  • “A vegan sausage doesn’t have any business calling itself a sausage.” (Harry to Maggie)
  • “You’re staring at him like you’re on a hunger strike and he’s a big bag of cheese puffs.” (Macy to Maggie on her feelings towards Parker)
  • “Drop the scones ladies we have a trap to set!” (Harry to the sisters in regards to setting a pixie trap)
  • “If the trap doesn’t get her, the sugar coma will.” (Mel to the sisters and Harry in regards to the excessive sugar required to trap a pixie)


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