Bad Mothers–Season 1, Episode 3

While the last episode focused on Anton being remanded and more pieces to the murder puzzle being provided, this episode focused on the ramifications of Anton’s arrest and Sarah’s efforts to find evidence against Kyle.

The episode kicks off with Bindy, Danielle and Maddie running in the morning and coming across graffiti on Anton’s restaurant. It then cuts to Sarah visiting Anton in prison discussing their financial situation and her desire to sell the restaurant to get them out of the mess. She tells her that Kyle’s alibi is shaky and that she’ll follow it up.

To follow it up, Sarah organises a play date at Kyle’s construction site so she can try and snoop without being caught. Of course this doesn’t work and Kyle catches her anyway, but at least she manages to find evidence that he had time to kill Charlotte and go to work, which blows his alibi out of the water. She leaves messages with the detective, finally confronting him and he says he’ll follow it up, which he does and Kyle confronts her to let her know that the police contacted him and he told them the truth—well his version of it. After a menacing phone call with Sarah, which Kyle’s father-in-law was in the presence of, he told the police the “truth” and his father-in-law was able to corroborate his story.

Meanwhile, Bindy is living with a gay couple and has managed to land on her feet, much to Maddie’s annoyance. However Bindy is still irresponsible as ever, discovering that she has multiple speeding and parking fines, which she unsuccessfully tries to get Sam to get rid of. In response, she ignores Sam’s calls, even when he tries to call her to let her know that London is locked out on the apartment building’s balcony, after she left her in the apartment alone. He has to resort to using the iPad Bindy left for London to let her know and calling the fire department (which includes Tom) to rescue her. While Bindy tries to excuse her way out of it, the reality of parenthood and how irresponsible she has been finally seems to have hit her, especially when Tom tells her the incident has been officially reported and the other mothers call her out on her behaviour.

Meanwhile Danielle offers to help Sarah out at the restaurant, which results in her accidentally leading Rebecca to quit and running out of food. Even though Danielle struggles and Sarah yells at her, the latter ends up temporarily hiring the former, which may cause problems at home with Tom as he was asking about how they would make it work. I thought Tom might be one of those husbands who still expect their wives to stay at home and look after the kids and nothing else, however he reveals to Maddie he’s worried that Danielle may leave him if they have another child due to their age gap.

On minor notes, Maddie admits to Tom that she is being petty to Jesse when it comes to her offer to take Max to the park, and Sarah’s mother is becoming more likeable as she tries to help Sarah with her financial situation.

Overall I felt this episode wasn’t as solid as the last as it wasn’t as riveting, but at least there was more character development and more pieces were added to the puzzle in the former of Charlotte’s father. His role in the murder is currently unclear and why he would play a role is another question that needs to be answered.


Stray Observations:

-Apparently “rockstar” parking according to Bindy involves having half the car on the nature strip and parking adjacent to but not in the driveway. Sam defines rockstar parking as parking correctly.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “You can keep squirting progeny until you’re 104!” (Maddie to Tom)
  • “If you can’t afford parking fines then stop parking badly!” (Sam to Bindy)
  • “Moral support in case Sarah takes a meat cleaver to me in the kitchen.” (Danielle to Maddie on why she’s asked her to be there when she talks to Sarah)
  • “You ruined Maddie’s musical career” “I did the world a favour!” (Danielle-Tom)


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