Speechless–Season 2, Episode 8 (B-I–Bikini U-N–University)

This episode was an improvement over the previous two.

This episode mainly focuses on JJ’s college tour of Danton College, an expensive college six hours away. However he isn’t really there to tour the college, he is there as he has a part in an American Pie-esque movie, Bikini University 3. When Dylan finds out about JJ’s plan, she threatens to tell Jimmy and Maya, only for him to inform her that he knows about her secret snake, (which I’ll get to in a minute) so she goes along with it.

While I found the premise and the acting in the subplot to be shallow, I enjoyed that it led to an ending with depth as JJ found his passion–film directing. I especially loved that the writers incorporated his passion with his needs by placing the camera on his wheelchair. I also liked that Maya and Jimmy found out about JJ’s plan when their plans to try and help him go to the college merge with his own plan.

The two minor subplots of the episode–Ray’s attempt to be cool with younger kids (after trying to throw a cool party for kids his own age) and Dylan’s secret snake–were a hit and miss for me. While Kenneth’s idea for Ray to take baby steps in his attempt to be cool by trying with a younger crowd was a good idea and Ray ended up doing a nice thing for Austin at the end, I felt this subplot lacked substance and entertainment value, and it didn’t resolve Ray’s issue. Meanwhile Dylan’s secret snake subplot was predictable and wasn’t given enough air time, it also wasn’t resolved as Dylan gets a new snake and we don’t know what happens next as it showed up at the end of the episode.

While I feel that this episode as a whole was shallow, I believe it was an improvement of the previous two as it lead to character development with JJ. I’m looking forward to seeing where the revelation of his passion as a film director goes in future episodes.



Stray Observations:

-Jimmy agrees-to-disagree with Maya on whether they are good parents.

-JJ’s character name is “Bikini Boobs in Face Wheelchair Boy”.

-Dylan has Jimmy listed as “Jimbo” in her phone contacts.

-The decorated crawl space in the kids’ bedroom closet is shown again.


Best one liners:

  • “We all hate it when you try to think outside the box” (Dylan to Jimmy)
  • “You got me out of a hot tub with a Shakira look-a-like to show me you started a day care centre?” (Kenneth to Ray)
  • “I’m calling weird eye Shakira and telling her to fire the tub back up.” (Kenneth to Ray)
  • “That’s my horny wheelchair kid!” (Maya when she discovers JJ on the movie set)


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