Speechless–Season 2, Episode 2 (F-I-First S-E-Second F-I-First Day)

After kicking off the season with JJ coming home from camp, it’s only natural for this episode to revolve around the school year starting and what that means.

The name of the episode comes from Maya’s declaration that it’s the First Second First Day of school–The first day of school, the second first day at the same school that the DiMeo kids have experienced. JJ and Kenneth start off the day having what Kenneth calls a “sartorial stand off”–they can’t wear the same clothes but Kenneth also wants their clothes to tell a story. Dylan spends the morning retracing her steps to find her backpack, which she eventually finds on top of a curtain rod. Whilst Ray is proud of his ultimate bragging right–a girlfriend that goes to another school and a video to prove it. Whilst Jimmy is excited that he’ll be able to take an uninterrupted shower once the kids are at school.

Once the kids are at school, that’s when things get interesting. Principal Miller introduces Maya to this year’s lot of special needs parents and she imparts their wisdom on them and tries to help them by telling them to be like her, however this backfires when all of their requests are rejected and she risks losing Kenneth. Dylan is asked to show a new girl around only to discover she doesn’t know where anything is and she doesn’t have any friends, as she thought she would have moved away again.

Meanwhile, just as Jimmy is starting to take his long awaited uninterrupted shower, the water pressure decreases which leads him to discover that Dylan is running through the sprinkler in the backyard. Jimmy takes her back to school, only for him to see her later at the mall, which leads to her confiding in him how lonely she is. He tells her that they won’t be moving again and to embrace making new friends. I enjoyed this moment between them as interactions, letting alone bonding moments between them are very rare.

On a smaller note, JJ and Kenneth have a disagreement as Kenneth claims he can’t really date due to his job, however JJ finds out he was lying and confronts him. Kenneth makes a valid point for needing boundaries and separation, however JJ makes an equally valid point that he doesn’t have any boundaries or privacy from Kenneth as he is dependent on him. This leads to a heartbreaking-turned-hilarious moment between them and JJ’s Spanish teacher, when JJ covers for Kenneth when he admits his feelings for her and she rejects him.

At the end of the episode, Maya finds a solution to her problem when Principal Miller tells her she pays a bunch of staff she can’t fire heaps of money to do nothing, by coming with the idea to turn them into aides.

Overall this was a solid episode.


Stray Observations:

-Kenneth goes by the alias “Hot Tub Hercules” on Google Personals.

-Dylan is apparently outraged and disappointed by the fact that the school doesn’t have a Trogett Center for Media and the Humanities.


Best one liner:

  • “That hostage-style video is going to work!” (Maya to Ray on his video starring Taylor, proving that she is exists and is really his girlfriend)

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