Bite Club–Season 1, Episode 5

Like with last week’s review, I will be writing this one character by character.

Zoe, Dan and Pia—This episode kicks off with Amber and Zoe swimming together with Dan and Pia (from the aquarium in the last episode who was recommending immersion therapy to Amber and Dan) watching them. When Pia is introduced to Zoe, clearly she is jealous, but won’t admit it. Zoe clearly isn’t happy when Dan lets Pia “dogsit” Mickey, and when it turned out he was poisoned, I did suspect Pia was responsible out of her own jealously, but this wasn’t the case as Jim realised he left snail bait out and concludes Mickey ate some of it. At the end of the episode, Dan weakly tries to persuade Zoe that Kristof isn’t right for her and fails, which leads to Zoe suggesting to Kristof that they get married in Bora Bora with a small wedding. Surprisingly, Zoe and Dan’s romantic tension wasn’t really focused on, in fact the case of the week was focused on more for once.

Stephen—As I suspected, Stephen has taken out his anger on his detective application on Anna by following her and Jim and blackmailing her anonymously with the footage. Anna and Jim’s inability to see that this was clearly an inside job (who else would know to email senior management and the commissioner and have their email addresses?) frustrated me. Interestingly, shortly after Anna watches the footage, she puts Stephen on the serial killer strike force and assigns him to work under Zoe.

The most interesting moments during Stephen’s subplot was his reaction during Kristof’s psychological analysis of him. He smile and eats cheese off his knife confidently until Kristof states that the serial killer has some sort of sexual impotency, which throws Stephen off enough to retrieve Cath’s phone number, which he had previously thrown in the bin. Their date goes well to the point where Stephen and Cath are passionately kissing in a parking lot and Stephen bites her on the shoulder (much like he does his victims) but Cath doesn’t seem to mind.

At the end of the episode Stephen calls in a fake shark alert whilst Amber’s surfing, which leads to her panicking and him coming to her “rescue”. Whether he’s doing this to scare Amber and why he felt the need to wear a suit wasn’t made clear, hopefully it will be, otherwise the scenes will go to waste and are just plain strange. The fact that he stole the shark tooth off Zoe and Cath’s house keys, put it on a chain and put on whilst staring at the strike force evidence made me wonder whether Cath will be his next victim.

A few things surprised me about the strike force’s investigation of essentially him—the fact that none of them recognised his voice in the 000 phone call he made, that no-one checked the bite marks for any matches (although the police force wouldn’t have a mould of his teeth and they haven’t suspected any police officers yet so I can give this a pass), and that no-one thought to investigate the remailer service.

Case of the week—The case of the week revolved around Brian and Leanne Morley who were stabbed to death on their yacht, whilst their son, Rowan, was stabbed but lived. Their other son, Trent, who runs the family business is a main suspect, especially when a boat registered to the business is seen next to the yacht on the night of the murder and a jacket with Leanne’s blood on it is found on the boat.

Later, Rowan confesses whilst in hospital after trying to commit suicide, which was of course too easy. It’s later revealed that Rowan’s girlfriend and Brian’s mistress, Emma Bailey (Jessica Falkholt—in what appears to be her last television role before tragically passing away earlier this year) was responsible. Whilst Rowan killed his father, she killed his mother and took Leanne’s necklace, which ultimately lead to her downfall.

This case of the week was the most interesting one yet and Falkholt put on a fantastic performance of the seemingly innocent mistress who is later revealed as a cold blooded murderer.


Overall this was a solid episode, with an interesting case of the week and progression on the serial killer case. This episode was in memory of Jessica Falkholt, who was a talented actress taken from this world way too soon.


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