Street Smart–Season 1, Episode 5

This episode was an interesting one as there were many interactions that haven’t happened before.

The gang’s idea for this week is to take the money from the kid’s rides at the mall rather than the vending machines, by sneaking in through a dumpster ala Trojan Horse style and disguising themselves as cleaners. The logic behind their idea is that parents put hundreds of dollars into these rides, more money then the vending machines would get. The idea and the method is not entirely ridiculous but as usual, not all that realistic.

While Steve and the gang are coming up with the plan, Joseph is spying on them with his mini drone. This marks the first time that Joseph is fully aware of their plans and comes up with a similar solution to catch them in the act by disguising himself as garbage and hiding in the dumpster. This marks the first time that Joseph actually catches Steve in the act and it in turn leads to the inevitable moment of failure—Joseph’s sneeze startles Steve which leads to him accidentally locking the bin lid shut.

While the gang and Tia are waiting for Steve and Joseph respectively in the parking lot, Tia realises something’s up and goes over to the gang, which also marks the first time that they are interacting with each other. Tia comes up with a logical plan to get Steve and Joseph out of their mess (pardon the pun), which Raj acknowledges is logical, which is interesting considering he declared at the beginning of the episode that he wanted out of the gang. Within seconds, the gang, Tia and the mall’s security guard rescue Joseph and Steve.

Meanwhile, Joseph’s mum, Marie, and Steve’s mum, Zena, interact together on-screen for the first time. They are trying to set up their respective son with a local girl, Jasmine. Their competitive interactions were funny and it made me wonder if Joseph and Steve watched them interact growing up and modelled after them. The ending moments of the episode where Jasmine and her mother reject both of them when they are covered in garbage was hilarious.

Overall this was a solid episode with all of the characters actually interacting with each other rather than before or after the act, however I was disappointed with Trans being absent again.


Stray Observations:

-At the beginning of the episode, Raj mentions he wants out but still assists with Steve’s latest plan and never actually leaves.

-Steve brings up the skeleton key but doesn’t actually use it.

-Once again the gang shows they have a moral compass as Steve refuses to steal money from the guide dog donation box that he mistakes for a kid’s ride.

Best one liners:

  • “I’m sick of being part of a gang with little success” (Raj to the gang when he declares he wants out)
  • “A licence to print coins.” (Steve to the gang on the skeleton key)
  • “Wash whatever hair you have left.” (Zena to Steve about looking his best for Jasmine)
  • “If you want to hide in rubbish, you have to become the rubbish.” (Joseph to Tia on his garbage camouflage)
  • “The beauty of that plan is the simplicity of it!” (Raj on Tia’s logical plan to rescue Steve and Joseph)
  • “While some people come out of the closet, some people come out of the dumpster.” (Raj on finding Steve and Joseph hugging in the dumpster)
  • “I use to suffer from terrible xenophobia.” (Steve on his fear of spiders)



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