Doctor Doctor–Season 1, Episode 8 (The Truth Is Out There)

This episode was the one all the viewers had been waiting for–Ajax finally finds out that Hugh is his father.

While the outcome of the truth coming out prior than planned was cliche and inevitable, I did love the build up as it was authentic. The whole family find out ultimately because of Hugh as he decides to tell his parents and Charlie, with the latter telling Matt. It’s a typical thing to happen with someone like that within the family, however one thing I didn’t see coming was Meryl’s admission of her knowledge of the situation. I liked how the inevitable truth coming out tied in with Hugh’s minor surgery subplot.

I loved the surgery subplot as Hugh’s surgeon skills were on display again. I also thought it was an interesting and humorous choice by the writers to have Hugh’s ego taken down a few notches by Aiofe’s hatred towards him. While I did find the scenes between Aiofe, Ken and Aiofe’s friend humorous, their little vendetta didn’t add to the episode. I did enjoy Ken’s moment of trying to be a bad boy.

I did enjoy Hugh’s further attempt at fathering both Ajax and Floyd with the motorbike and surgery respectively, however it didn’t really add to the rest of the episode. I also enjoyed Betty telling Penny that it’s okay to like Hugh–she’s more observant than the others–and it opens the door for future plots.

The motorbike motif was well done and showed Ajax’s emotions perfectly from fear at the beginning, to confidence just past the middle, to shock and upset at the end of the episode.

The writers’ choice to have the episode end on Ajax alone on the farm, Hugh’s hand surgery and Meryl announcing her intention to run for mayor, was a great one. These choices and endings are clearly not resolved as they are being used to set the remaining episodes in motion.

Overall this episode was great but not spectacular, however it is an improvement from last week. I’m looking forward to seeing how all of the aforementioned writers’ choice play out over the remainder of the season.

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