The Wrong Girl–Season 1, Episode 4

This episode was absolutely spectacular.

This episode again started in media res, I said it last week and I’ll say it again, this is really getting old, unless every chapter in the novel started this way, I don’t understand why it’s necessary.

Lily is finally given the chance to run the show and from there the can of worms are open. I loved the dynamic between Sasha and Lily in that moment, especially with Sasha reminding Lily that when those opportunities present themselves you say yes and getting the chance to start over, as I’m sure women in these jobs everywhere can relate. Throughout the course of this subplot, Lily is doubted by her clearly jealous colleague Nikki and has to deal with Pete’s childish behaviour and ultimately an on-set meltdown during the Big Day.

With the title, The Wrong Girl, of course everything would go wrong for Lily during her big break, however what did go right was her way of saving the day. Ultimately her actions lead to Erica coming out on national television, which not only saved the day and lifted a weight off Erica’s shoulders, but has also enabled Lily’s career to advance in future episodes. I loved the strong emotions during those scenes as it ultimately showed the characters for who they really are: Erica as a strong but closeted lesbian who illustrates what she has to deal with in today’s society, Eric is an obliviously chauvinistic and old-fashioned man, and Lily and Co. are shocked but ultimately happy for Erica which proves how much of a family they can be.

Meanwhile, the Vincent and Mimi subplot was incredible. Vincent was expressing his frustration about his parents keeping him from independence in the last episode but now it comes to the surface, especially with his mother. The inevitable blow up was spectacular with Vincent shocking both his mother and the viewers. What I loved was not only the strong emotions on display, but the fact that the viewers would be able to emphasise with both Vincent and Mimi, as well as the fact that their resolution comes during Erica’s coming out and ties into that subplot.

Jack and Simone’s break up is no surprise due to the trailers giving it away, however it was clearly going to happen as they weren’t compatible and Jack has obvious feelings for Lily. I felt that the moments leading up to the split were authentic and well-paced, especially Simone’s reaction.

It was an interesting choice by the writers to have Meredith only make a brief appearance, as well as making Simone and Pete rather unlikeable. However the difference between Simone and Pete is that I feel Simone is immature and not always intentionally unlikeable. Pete is intentionally unlikeable due to his own choice to be immature, in regards to the job that Lily offers him. I loved that Ivan was the one who set Pete straight as it further expands his character.

The long-awaited kiss between Jack and Lily at the end of the episode was authentic, well done but also slightly cliche. I loved Lily getting into the bathtub with Simone, illustrating their long, odd and cute friendship, however it also shows in a cliche way, the moral bind that Lily is in, which will be focused on in the remaining episodes.

Overall this episode was without a doubt, the best so far.

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