Doctor Doctor–Season 1, Episode 6 (Golden Harvest)

This episode focused more on Hugh’s family–his actual family and his hospital family.

With Hugh’s family it was obvious that the aftermath of Charlie’s ectopic pregnancy was going to be explored. Both Matt and Charlie are grieving in their own ways–avoiding each other–it’s a little cliche for them to avoid each other for their inevitable chat at the end of the episode, however I’ll give it a pass as I’ve never experienced ectopic pregnancy and its aftermath myself. What I liked about this plot was Meryl and Hayley trying to help her, while they can both be overbearing and they were a little to Charlie, they did mean well and it’s nice to see them in “caring mode” rather than “people pleasing, better than everyone else mode”. Even the ordinarily distant Jim tried to cheer Matt up, in his own odd cliched way.

I also liked the moments involving Ajax’s birthday, I’m not overly sure whether Hugh is trying to be Ajax’s brother or father both in general and in regards to buying him the right present, however it is kind of sweet in his own arrogant way.

My favourite moments of the episode involved Hugh’s hospital family. Clearly Hugh and Penny are growing closer to the point where I’m questioning whether she is being set up as a potential love interest for him.

Meanwhile his interactions with his former colleague show both his city arrogance, as well as how much he has changed since moving to Whyhope. Betty’s, Ken’s and Penny’s reactions to Hugh words also show how much their relationships with him have grown–they all care about Hugh’s opinion and he in turn feels guilty. I also love his interaction with Floyd to try and avoid his former colleague, his ability to work with Betty in an emergency situation which was similar to when he worked with Aiofe in the pilot, and his way of making amends at the end of the episode.

I liked the choice by the writers to have Hugh’s circumstances finally revealed to both of his families. Apparently there will be ten episodes in this season and the series was renewed for a second season after the first two episodes aired, so having the truth come out just after the halfway point of the first season is a good time. The fact that Hugh told Aiofe and she told everyone says a lot about her character. It has been revealed that she has a slight drug and alcohol problem, she parties hard and now it has been revealed that she is not trustworthy. I can’t help but feel that the writers are going out of their way to show how incompatible Hugh and Aiofe are and how compatible he and Penny are. Maybe I just feel this way because I don’t believe he and Aiofe are a good fit, he is changing, Aiofe isn’t.

On another note, Dora the Goat makes another brief appearance, for the life of me I can’t figure out whether she belongs to the Knight family or whether she is just a stray that happens to have great comedic timing.

Overall this episode wasn’t as emotional as last week’s, on the curve I’d say it’s a plateau but I don’t think the series is going downhill, I’d say it’s on a steady rise.




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