Hyde & Seek–Pilot

I didn’t know what to expect from Hyde & Seek, my impression from the trailer was that Detective Gary Hyde (Matt Nable) was corrupt. The trailer is obviously meant to mislead and they did with Hyde, however it didn’t mislead on how much of a thriller Hyde & Seek would be.

The action is set off within the first five minutes (no pun intended) with the van explosion. I personally enjoyed the writers’ choice of having Hyde’s and Nick’s family lives interweave with the police action, as well as throughout the episode, as it added another layer to the characters and balanced out the action sequences.

The revelations of a terrorism plot/s with several government bodies involved was well done. It was slow and jigsaw like, but not too slow that I grew bored. I enjoyed the contrast between Hyde’s interactions with Jackie Walters (Mandy McElhinney) and his interactions with Claire McKenzie (Emma Hamilton). While his rapport with Jackie slowly developed, his rapport with Claire was instant. I’m looking forward to seeing where these rapports go over the season. I also enjoyed Hyde’s interaction with the ASIO agent.

The best moments of the episode were the action sequences and the subtle moments leading up to the action sequences. The subtle moments included the moment when both Hyde and Claire realised they were being followed and when Claire took the photo of the bomb attached to the crate door, on her phone. The action sequences–the one at the beginning of the episode, the one involving Hyde’s capture by the AFP, and the one at the end of the episode involving the suspects and the AFP–were spectacular. They were technically well done and were spread out evenly to catch the viewers by surprise and keep them on their toes, at least that was the effect the sequences had on me.

I especially loved the ending of the episode, I knew that the AFP’s take down of their suspects was way too easy and I enjoyed the fact that it was the first pilot I’ve ever seen that ended on a cliffhanger.

Technically, the directing was good, as it was subtle when it needed to be and the Sydney landscape was displayed beautifully for the purposes of transitioning the plot.

Overall, Hyde & Seek‘s pilot was one of the best I’ve ever seen and I’m looking forward to reviewing the rest of the season.


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