Love Child–Season 3, Episode 5

In last week’s review of Love Child, I concluded with the hope that I would eat my words over the next two weeks.

This week I’m starting to.

While I still feel the episodes are overly plot filled, I’m glad that they’ve started to ease up on the quantity of plots. This week’s focus was the Vietnam subplot, which I personally enjoyed. I think the writers and producers did a great job with the setting and realism. I liked the pairing of Annie and Viv for this plot considering their rough start in the first season, as well as the great contrast presented between Annie’s role as the entertainer and Viv’s role as the nurse. Viv having to ultimately look after Bernie’s son didn’t surprise me as the producers seemed to let the spoiler air in their commercials, nevertheless I’m looking forward to seeing where this plot goes.

I still don’t know how I feel about Eva. I’m interested to see how her pregnancy complicates the dynamic between McNaughton and Joan, it’s also nice to see her and Joan getting along, however I will slightly re-emphasise the point I made last week, unless the writers have a plan, I don’t understand the purpose of her return.

I enjoyed seeing the interaction between Matron and Maggie, which is reminiscent of the interactions between Matron and Viv in season 1. I’m glad that the writers finally cleared up whether Matron knew that Maggie is Shirley’s daughter (of course she does!). You can see at the end of their subplot that Matron clearly likes Maggie and I’m interested in seeing how their relationship develops and whether Maggie gives birth at the end of the season, however due to the pacing of this season, I don’t think so. I also enjoyed Shirley’s presence as Maggie’s mother this week via Shirley’s diary. It was a gentle and subtle way for Shirley to relate to Maggie and let her know what she’s in for, especially after she accidentally discovers what childbirth is actually like (which by the way was very funny).

I’m still not liking the Jim and Patty subplot. It was obvious in the commercials that Jim and Patty were going to have sex. It’s clearly going to cause problems later, even more so with the way that Jim came to Patty’s aid. I like Jim, however I feel that his plots have been forced and in all honesty, as much as I like him, I’m also kind of over him. His legal dramas have gone on for long enough and it looks like his marriage will be ending, so I’m interested to see where he will be at the finale. While I don’t condone anyone sleeping with their friend’s spouse (and yes it does take two to tango), I liked seeing a darker and selfish side to Patty. I hope Patty doesn’t fall pregnant from her tryst, especially as she is the character who has changed and developed the most.

The writers have continued with running gags, this episode it was all about wedding dress shopping.

Overall I liked the episode and despite changing direction overly quickly last week, the writers have done a good job in opening up lots of possibilities, plot-wise, for the rest of the season.

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