House Husbands–Season 4, Episode 7

This episode wasn’t the best.

This is the only episode in the season to start in media res, I appreciated the writers shifting away from this technique as I felt that they were relying on it too much to tell their stories, especially in the first two seasons.

I liked the choice to have the episode revolve around Angie’s birthday as she is at the heart of the drama this season. Gemma collapse as she was helping with the decorations, leading to her diagnosis of gestational diabetes was nicely done. Saxon discovering Abi was pregnant with her own baby was inevitable, it will be interesting to see whether he tells the bosses or not.

I liked the interaction between Justin and Fiona, it portrayed the realistic and uncomfortable situation of being evaluated realistically and the tension was built up beautifully. While I appreciated the mention of his and Lucy’s breakup, what I would have appreciated even more would have been a mention as to Lucy’s current whereabouts–episode 7 and still no mention or appearance. I liked the reveal of Zac stealing a page from Fiona’s notes, however it was obvious that it was going to happen. The reveal of Rodney telling Angie the truth wasn’t much of a surprise, that’s the kind of person that he is. The Justin and Kane interaction was well done, especially the fight between, Justin was bound to blow at some point and Kane with a baby on the way and his below the belt comments, was the right candidate.

Meanwhile I liked the reveal of Eve and Heather in a relationship. While Heather displayed some stereotypes, I didn’t pick her as a lesbian. I like the writers expanding their diversity by having a lesbian couple. I’m hoping the writers expand on their relationship and keep them together, they seem well suited.

I liked the ending of the episode of Justin playing with his kids–simple, understated, sweet and needed due to his aggressive and tense behaviour throughout the episode.


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