House Husbands–Season 4, Episode 3

Well this episode finally addressed Ned’s absence.

I knew prior to the season beginning that Lincoln Lewis wouldn’t be returning to House Husbands (he confirmed it on Twitter), therefore I knew his absence would be eventually explained. The explanation for his absence was absolutely terrible and out of character. While killing him off was too drastic, having him run off with another woman seemed slightly out of character, due to his transformation at the end of season 3. While Lincoln Lewis is an awesome actor, I felt that having Ned written out in this fashion, especially off-screen, was disrespectful both to him as well as his character, especially since season 3 pretty much revolved around him. It really felt like a waste of a plot and a season. However this wouldn’t be the first time that House Husbands actors weren’t given proper send offs, the last prime example being Tim Campbell and his reaction says it all. I hope they don’t do this with Anna McGahan, again this episode has not explained her absence. The only proper send off a House Husbands actor and character has been given was Leah Di Niese as Nicola–it was on screen and provided closure.

Back on track, Ned’s absence ultimately brings Frankie and Sam back into the picture. The discovery of Sam’s medical condition was subtle and well done and tied in nicely with the surrogate subplot. I quite enjoyed seeing Frankie, Sam and Lewis bond and I’m guessing this bond is making up for the absence of Ryan, Phoebe and Jem. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.

The highlight of the episode was the Abi and courier (Joel) subplot. It was dramatic, had heaps of tension and was highly emotional. The outcome of this plot was obvious, nevertheless all of the private scenes between Abi and Joel were flawless, I especially agreed with Abi’s view on the NFR tattoo on his chest. Natalie Saleeba’s and Toby Truslove’s performances, especially in their last scene together, were absolutely spectacular and moved me to tears.

The tension between Kane, Eve & Alex and Abi was very well done, especially the dinner scene.

Overall this episode was good, although some performances were spectacular, the episode was not.

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