House Husbands–Season 4, Episode 2

This episode was a little average but better than the premiere.

Kane chopping off his finger was a surprise. It was a surprise that the writers chose this to move the Eve storyline along and that they were that graphic with showing the amputated finger. Although it was a little quick, the transition between Eve and Kane being enemies to friends to potential parents, was very sweet and done well. The addition of Kane wanting Gemma and Lewis to look after Finn and Stella were anything to happen to him, instead of Abi was a nice touch. This is especially true when it lead to Abi and Kane seriously bonding over parenting.

The Rodney and Tash subplot was done well, with the right amount of tension and reality. The revelation of Rodney abusing Tash wasn’t much of a revelation, it was obvious that he treated Nicola in a similar way. Rodney taking Angie’s hairbrush was reminiscent of the L charm incident back in season 1. The highlights of this subplot for me were Gemma standing up to Rodney (about time someone did) and Justin helping Tash escape. What frustrated me was Justin giving Rodney the paternity results back, he should have held on to them, however this could be written off as Rodney could easily get another copy. While Indiana Evans is a fabulous actress, her performance was a little flat and I think her character was underused, which is disappointing.

I did enjoy Mark finally standing up to Rachel and having her put in her place. However like Mark’s previous confrontations with Rachel as well as Abi, it’s never satisfying, as he always backs down. Her reaction and subsequent opening up and showing her humanity was needed to enhance this character. I take issue with what appears to be a slight continuity error with the existence of her youngest son (he looks about five, the House Husbands timeline spans over four to five years, she wasn’t pregnant in season one). I’m still enjoying the war between her and Lewis as well.

Again Lucy’s absence is still unexplained.

Overall the episode was good, however there is still room for improvement.

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