House Husbands–Season 3, Episode 5

The episode was one of the best episodes of House Husbands.

I have constantly stated that Abi is an unlikeable character, in this episode my opinion on her completely flipped. Abi has always been proud and arrogant as a doctor, however this episode is the first that actually displays her talent in an accurate and pure way. Just the same, this episode excellently display her humanity, it was great to see her as more than the perfectionist, selfish control freak that she usually is. As Justin said, I don’t know how she or any other doctor deals with the death of a baby, even if it is their job. However my changed opinions faltered a little bit when she was at Poppy’s show and tell and refused to take responsibility for the epipen incident, she shouldn’t have been at the school at all. Mark and Abi’s interaction in the kitchen was brilliant and another example of why they are so compatible.

The introduction of Will (Ryan Johnson) was refreshing, however as with all previous major recurring characters, there is bound to be a purpose. This purpose was identified as manipulated the main men, especially Kane, into considering selling the pub. I personally felt it was a bit quick to introduce a love interest for Kane. Will is certainly throw a few spanners in the works.

I also liked the writers’ choice to have the episode go full circle–Sophie’s first day of day care and Sophie returning to day care after Abi pulling her out.

Overall the episode was one of the best as the writers’ clearly gave it their all.


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