House Husbands–Season 2, Episode 13

This season finale was good but I wouldn’t say it was as good as the first.

I think it was partly because it didn’t feel like a finale, sure it did its job of wrapping up the season’s plots and providing opportunities for the third, however it didn’t stand out like a finale should.

I felt it was a bit of a cliche that Lucy was arrested after admitting to her crime, only to discover that the police pulled her over for a different issue. Considering that Lucy is such a smart woman, I was surprised that she was stupid enough to admit to her boss that she committed a crime, it seemed out of character.

Again Abi’s selfishness showed itself when she did Poppy’s assignment for her and criticised her own efforts. Although she did redeem herself by explaining why she was being selfish—this is the first time she has done this.

I found Mark swallowing the magnet and cheque Justin made out to Simon ridiculous, clearly that was only inserted for cliche childbirth humour.

I enjoyed the mother’s group scene for three reasons–Lewis has found himself as a grandfather there and made new friends, in reality a guy like Lewis would be the last guy in the world to take part in a mother’s group, Justin taking Ryan to help him connect with Jem so he can be with Phoebe and the mothers being so welcoming. Although I didn’t enjoy the discussion the main men had with Justin there, it wasn’t the time or place for it.

I liked the prep graduation, it was fitting to be in a season finale and it also helped Justin changed his mind about moving in a natural way.

I found Ryan moving in with the family to be a stretch, I doubt many fathers would let her daughter’s teenage boyfriend move in under his roof. It also didn’t surprise me that Lucy didn’t end up marrying Mr Tuck, their relationship was too rushed and there were hints throughout the second half of the season that Justin and Lucy still had feelings for each other. I liked that the finale ended and Justin & Lucy got together, with subtlety.

Overall, for a finale it was a bit of a hit-and-miss but not bad.

Overall the season was a huge improvement from the first and knowing what the third and fourth seasons are like, I think this season was the show’s best.



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