House Husbands–Season 2, Episode 6

After a season-and-a-half, House Husbands has killed a character off to ensure their status as a drama.

When the episode was first being promoted prior to going to air, there was the heavy emphasis and foreshadowing of one of the characters dying. I was driving myself crazy with an inner debate of who it would be, that being said it didn’t take all that long for me to figure out that it would be Nicola. It was never going to be one of the main men due to the show revolving around them, it was never going to be one of the kids as it would be too cruel and it would never be Abi, Tom or Gemma as they have always been equally crucial to the show’s premise. Nicola, while an interesting character, was not vital to the show, until this episode, there has never been a full plot revolving fully around her.

I quite enjoyed seeing Nicola trying to be a working woman after six years as a mother. Her brief time working for Mark illustrated the struggle that mothers face when returning to the workforce, as well as how people take the workforce and any workplace technology for granted. This is the first and only time that I’ve seen Mark and Nicola interact and I thought they were very sweet, the fact that Nicola was worried that the experience would ruin their friendship shows her evolution as a character and her relationship with Justin.

Lucy and Mr Tuck dealing with the sexual tension and awkwardness that comes with finally sleeping together was done with just the right amount of humour. It was the humour needed due to the impending loss in the episode.

The washing machine motif present throughout the episode was well done, especially as it was threaded throughout both the Nicola and Lucy-Mr Tuck plots. Being hit by a car after inspecting a washing machine, left out for white goods cleanup is a unique Australian-esque death.

The choice to have the ending with the guys at Justin’s door about to tell him the news of Nicola’s death was the right one. Delaying the news and Justin’s reaction is better than the cliched reaction that you would see in most other dramas that deal with death of a character.

Overall a good episode and the death of Nicola was done well.

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