House Husbands–Season 2, Episode 3

This episode was all about discoveries.

There was the discovery of new characters with Gemma’s childhood friend, Damo (Craig McLachlan), who is also the son of her father’s mistress and Ryan, Phoebe’s love interest.

Damo is clearly around to cause trouble for Gemma and Lewis. I personally felt that the scene of them riding their BMX bikes was a little silly and over-the-top and of course Lewis is going to be jealous of him.

There was also Justin discovering what he wanted for a career. I personally loved this as it showed the potential for development in his character and I equally loved Nicola’s support for him, they really do make a great couple. The foreshadowing of Justin and Phoebe at TAFE together, shown in an earlier scene was subtle and nicely done.

I think Kane was the MVP of the episode by far, as he states himself he is the only one acting like a father to Stella, however he only had to act that way as a consequence to his own inconsiderate actions. Unlike Stella’s biological father who was blackmailing them and clearly had no interest in Stella and Tom lying to Stella. Even though Stella’s biological father was an unlikeable character and I was glad to see the back of him, I felt his exit was too convenient, which made me wonder why this drama was necessary.

Overall, a slight improvement to the previous episode but still weak.

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